#BabyBarangay at Movenpick Cebu


As a new mom, the phrase “It Takes A Village” has proven to be the strongest mantra in this season of our family life right now and I’m sure it will still ring true even when Theo (and his future sibling/s?) are all grown up. Parenthood is best when shared with loved ones, indeed. Patrick and I hit the jackpot when it comes to family—both sets of grandparents are very generous with their time with Theo and he also receives so much love from his uncles, aunts, and cousins too. But our village doesn’t end with just the people we are related to by blood, it extends to our closest friends who feel like family too. From my girlaloos Sheila, Carla, Stella to our Bible study group and also Patrick’s childhood friends, we have just been surrounded by everyday angels who have been amazing to our little family!

One group that I thank the heavens for is this #BabyBarangay which started as a casual WhatsApp mommy group. Cat, Kelly, Nicole and Bianca have been my everyday constants from the moment Theo was a little bean in my belly to his current bochogness. We talk about everything and anything— from teething to Blake Lively’s unbelievable abs, pillows (Nicole! HAHAHAHA), playdate with Prince William’s babies, etc. We’ve cried, laughed, and cry-laughed together on so many occasions!

As most of you know, my first 6-8 weeks postpartum was the most difficult experience of my whole adult life. When I finally had to succumb to my medical issues and face the end of my breastfeeding journey, I was consumed by a wave of mommy guilt.  I was so ashamed, insecure, and ultimately I felt like a failure as a mom. These girls (and my other mommy BFFs!) picked me up from the dumps, provided the affirmation I needed, encouraged me to press on and to believe that I could still be THE BEST mom to Theo even with my physical limitations. They never judged me, they never made me feel “different”, they checked up on me everyday until I felt normal again. I never properly thanked you girls for what you guys did for me, so allow me to say THANK YOU now. You’ve done so many little BIG things for me and my family and I hope that I will be able to pay you back someday, somehow (in kind, not cash…because we have to pay for the repair of our septic tank! GRR! hahahahaha!).

Okay… PMSing paragraphs are done. Now onto to the real point of this blog post…our MOVENPICK CEBU weekend!!!!! After planning for quite some time on WhatsApp, we finally pushed through with our dream holiday with our respective families.

5 Reasons Why WE Love Movenpick Cebu:

  1. This 5 star property is located on MACTAN Island, where all the premier private resorts and hotels are. It’s just a quick drive from the airport making it very accessible for travelers.
  2. It’s incredibly baby and child friendly. A HUGE PLUS!!! Aside from it’s cleanliness, it felt very safe and secure for our families to comfortably roam in. They also have stroller friendly ramps which made it very easy for us to bring Theo to the pool and the beach.
  3. This hotel is an Instagrammer’s dream come true. With so many photogenic angles, it’s hard to take an ugly photo in this property. The beach scenery is hard to beat and their crisp white interiors (with pops of blue and green) make for the perfect backdrop for all your OOTDs! I dare you to NOT take a photo when you get to the lobby, it’ll be impossible to resist. Hahaha!
  4. Their Cebuano staff are all naturally warm and malambing. You could tell that they all love their jobs and find joy in giving the best service to their customers. Our group was quite huge and we all had very young babies with us— so you can imagine all the logistical concerns attached to our booking (hehehe! Sorry Meg!) but yet they made it very stress free for all of us and we didn’t encounter any hitches throughout our entire stay.
  5. Some hotels have fantastic interiors and complete amenities–but when their F&B is mediocre, they get an X on my list. I’m happy to report that the food here was really topnotch! We were a happily fed bunch (no bad moods here! Hahaha!) which made it a much more enjoyable trip. I’ll blog more about the food on my next entry.

I just want to say thank you to Meghann Sta. Ines- Hernandez, the PR goddess who is truly a gem! She really went all out for this trip, taking care of all the nitty gritty details for our “baby delegation”. And to GM Mr. Harold Rainfroy, kudos to the Captain and to your amazing team of friendly and well-trained personnel.

Get ready for a photo flood! Thank you Kelly and Cat for sharing your photos too 🙂 Oh and this trip was really a BIG deal because it was (drumroll please) THEO’s very first trip out of Manila! He was such a trooper, he did so well on both flights–heading to Cebu and back to Manila! Yey! 🙂 He did surprise us with his monster poop just before landing (Patrick and I had to change his diaper like The Flash, hehehe!), but other than that he was amazing 🙂 It was so fun to travel with all our babies together with our giant suitcases, sterilizers, bath tubs and piles of diapers! Ladies and gentlemen…BABY BARANGAY in CEBU!!!



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Thanks again to MOVENPICK HOTEL, Mactan Island for hosting the #BabyBarangay this weekend!!! We will always treasure all the memories we’ve formed with our friends and kiddies 🙂 🙂 To the #BabyBarangay, I’m already feeling SEPANX! Hahaha! We can’t wait to discover another destination with you guys. Here’s to more adventures!!!

Book your next holiday now through www.movenpick.com or email hotel.cebu@movenpick.com. You may also call +63 32 492 7777. Get the first dibs on the latest room and dining offers and follow www.facebook.com/moevenpickhotelmactanislandcebu, @movenpickcebu on Instagram and @moevenpickcebu on Twitter.

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  1. Movenpick will always have a special place in my heart. My husband and I got married on their beach garden last year. They extended help to us in so many wonderful forms. Excellent service!!!

  2. Hi, Patty!

    Hope you still remember me. 🙂

    Nice post! Me and my friends will be going to Cebu next week! We’ll stay at Movenpick before going to Sumilon Island. Waaah! I’m so exciteeed!

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