#BabyBarangay in Amorita Bohol

You know the drill by now. When Patty’s happy, you know I’ll post a very meaty photo diary! And same goes with the whole of #BabyBarangay. If you search the hashtag on Instagram, you will be eaten alive by our photo feed. Bwahahaha! There was just so MUCH to capture, a ton of beautiful family moments that needed to be bottled up, and so many little things about this resort that were just too bloody awesome NOT to share. It would be a crime to be so greedy and to not broadcast it to the rest of the world. We’re all about sharing positive vibes in this group after all. Needless to say, our weekend in Amorita Resort was one for the books and I genuinely hope that more and more families will be able to enjoy the same experience we had in Bohol.  Bohol has got to be one of my most favorite destinations in the Philippines, I’ve visited about 5-6 times already but it never gets old. In fact, it’s charm grows on me even more during each visit. And there’s just something about Boholanos that leave me mesmerized, they’re just the sweetest 🙂

The mamas of Baby Barangay (Kelly, Cat, Nicole, Bianca and me) have been DREAMING of Amorita for months now. Ever since we got that email to finalize our invitation and booking, we’ve had it on our minds already. We even had a secret countdown in our WhatsApp group! Of course, as expected Amorita totally wow’d us and left us wanting MORE, MORE, MORE! Thanks again Nikki, Ria, and Kata—and your amazing team!!! You guys really touched our hearts with all your efforts to plan the best getaway for our families. 🙂

The only regret: why only 3 days?!?!?! HUWAYYYY?!?! The kids were clearly bummed by the time our bags were being loaded back into the van and the mamas&papas had long faces too while checking out—back to reality, so soon??? If you guys have the luxury of time or can file a longer leave from work, I would highly recommend doing at least 3 or 4 nights to fully soak in the Amorita experience. I promise you your kids will love you forever and a half.

If you are a bit apprehensive about taking boat rides with your little ones, Bohol might be a good option for you. From the Tagbilaran airport you are shuttled via aircon van straight to Amorita under 40 minutes. It’s a very scenic drive and you get to really appreciate the beauty and stillness of Bohol. No need to ride a speed boat/ bangka. This is one thing to consider if you are not too keen on taking a boat ride (which normally you would have to take in Boracay, Palawan, or Puerto Galera). Theo thankfully loves riding boats so we’ve never had a problem but if it’s something that concerns you, then Bohol would be your best bet.

Theo was recovering from a fever and nursing a cold&itchy throat at the time (plus teething–eep!!!) so he wasn’t at his best disposition that weekend. He’s normally very thug-like and siga for photos (he saves his sweet smiles for me and Pat only!) but for this set you’ll notice he was clearly bluer than blue because of his stuffy nose. Poor little fella. But even if he wasn’t feeling all too well, he was still such a trooper. Not at all fussy and he was trying his best to still socialize and enjoy with his baby buddies despite his low energy. We are so blessed with this boy! Such a good heart, this one.

Here are 5 Reasons Why We Loved Amorita Resort:

  1. You’ll never get bored!!! There’s a long and very promising list of things to do in the resort alone from spa treatments, watercolor classes, cookie making, lounging by the pool, even the food in the resort is fantastic!!! All the daddies kept mentioning how happy they were with the food and service—and when the papas are well fed that’s good news for the mamas, right??? Hahaha!  We didn’t have to step out the resort at all. We were just happy to be there all weekend long.
  2. Nature-friendly and thoughtful layout of the property. There was SO much FREE space for our little critters to roam free! This was definitely a HUGE plus for me. As compared to the other resorts that are all packed next to each other along the same stretch of beach, Amorita’s property was  sprawling and covered with greens. I loved all that free space! Even if fully booked, it will never seem cramped at all.
  3. Very accomodating and considerate of families. Amorita is perfect for any season of your life–for honeymooning couples to trips with big barkadas, yet when it comes to families they really are extra malambing. 🙂 I would be bold enough to say in fact, that hosting families is their expertise. I noticed that they really go out of their way to accommodate parents&their children—even providing bath tubs, sterilizers, kettles (all depending on the availability of course) and even milk&cookies at night to make the kiddos feel more at home. I suggest you book months in advance and email them of your children’s needs and preferences so they can assist you the best way they can.

          Even their pool (which is breathtaking in photos, by the way) was built with your little tots in mind. The new pool features different levels appropriate for different stages—the shallowest for creepy crawlers, the middle part was for newbie swimmers, and the end was deeper for the adults. It’s safely divided so kids can be closely monitored by their supervising adults. In the afternoon, they even serve frozen popsicles by the pool! That was the highlight of our days! Hahaha

4. Privacy and Security. As a mom, this is something I always have to consider now that we are traveling with our little one. Because Amorita is perched on top of the beach and has it’s own entrance, you can be sure that guests and visitors of the resort will be carefully monitored and protected. It just makes the vacation all the more enjoyable with that “Phew!” moment. Having that peace of mind is such a big bonus for traveling families!

5. It’s all about LUXURY! The interiors, the service, the property itself—everything was top notch! You’ll see in the photos that it definitely deserves 5 stars… all the way! Sure, it may be a bit pricier than most resorts but I think it’s worth every penny they charge. This is the place you book if you REALLY DESPERATELY need a vacation with your loved ones. This is the resort you book if you want your balikbayan friends/relatives to rediscover and fall in love with the Philippines. It’s impressive without being pretentious or snooty, they just make you feel so loved and special from the moment you check in to the time you check out. Their service is very consistent and as I mentioned before, warm and thoughtful 🙂

So enough blabbing, it’s time to share our fun photos from our Baby Barangay adventure. Traveling with our favorite little humans is always a blast and I can’t wait to go on more adventures with this barkada!!! We love these people so much!!! 🙂 I feel so lucky to have the Baby Barangay as a support group and vacation partners—we’re all pretty much very chill lang and all have the same relaxed vibe as parents so our trips together are all very easy going. Thanks again Amorita Resort for EVERYTHING you’ve done for Baby Barangay!!! You guys ROCK in every way!!! 🙂 🙂 Our kids didn’t want to leave!!! If you wish to book your stay, visit www.amoritaresort.com.

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