Back for 2nds

Yes, another post about FOOD. And not just any type of food, but GLORIOUS COMFORT FOOD care of the creative culinary geniuses at 2NDS RESTAURANT at Bonifacio High Street. I won’t lie to you kids, the food here ain’t cheap. It’ll definitely require a bit of a splurge on your part but a splurge that’s well worth it. The portions are generous and you can easily tell that they definitely did not scrimp on quality ingredients, so you get what you paid for in each meal. I’m a food courter on most days so trust me, I know the difference between high quality food and “enough to tide you over” quality food. I’m a big fan of cheap thrills but once in a while, it’s also nice to treat yourself to something fancy especially after a long work week.
Images from the 2nds Facebook Page
Pat and I have been eating here for a couple of months now and there’s ALWAYS a reason for us to keep dining here. Well, for one, they have the BEST french fries (yes, out of all their dishes..I chose the fries! Hahaha) I could eat their fries all day, everyday! For some odd reason, their food always gets me to feel all warm and fuzzy after. I think the reason why Pat keeps bringing me here is because every time I have a full belly, I always become really sweet and touchy-feely.After a big meal, I always feel so round and soft all a giant fur ball waiting for a hug! AHA!Sneaky Tactics!:) So guys, if your girlfriends have been on witch mode all week long…you know where to go! You don’t need couples therapy, all you need is a place to get some comfort grub. Good Food=Happy Girlfriend=Happy Boyfriend. It’s a simple formula that will save your relationship. FEED YOUR WOMAN and you’ll never ever fight again! Haha 🙂
Since I’m a very visual person, I’m always on the look out for restaurants with good interiors. This restaurant definitely wins in that department. 2nds has that “Gentleman’s Club” vibe which instantly adds depth and drama to your dining experience. It’s a place to bring that well-traveled friend, your very discriminating Tito, or your new Expat co-worker. It’s sophisticated yet welcoming, not pretentious and intimidating. The soft lighting makes it a perfect place for an intimate conversation with friends. It’s definitely not an eat and run joint. Here, you always choose to stay a bit longer.
My besties Muffin and Alessa along with their boys Pj and Don joined us for dinner at 2nds last night. And by looking at our empty plates, you could tell that we were all happy campers. If you’d like to check out the menu of 2nds, just click here. We’ll definitely be back for 2nds!:)


Comfort Food Revisited
2nd floor, B3, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
For reservations +632 846 5293

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  1. Ay girl! I can see the watch ha? I mean..THE WATCH! hahah it was great spending the weekend with you! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and Patrick and I can’t wait to see you again! mwa 😡