Bacolod Food+Siesta Trip

Here’s a LOOOOONG overdue photo diary of our Barkada Bacolod Trip. This happened early February and I don’t know why I waited this long to post these pictures. Judging by the photos wala kaming ginawa kundi kumain (at matulog!!!). My kind of vacay indeed 🙂

Thank you Lord for giving us such amazing couple friends. The Catilos and The Esquiviases are our dearest friends and I know that  this is only the first of our many barkada escapades! And to the wonderful Ramirez family (Tita Jing, Tito Dan, Rique and Danette), thanks for being such gracious hosts. Hanging out with you guys made our trip even more memorable and meaningful. Thanks also Tita Jing for inviting us to speak at your church’s couples get together. The Lord is indeed using you mightily to move in the hearts and minds of the young couples in Bacolod. 

Thank you BACOLOD for being so wonderful!!! I’m still dreaming of Calea’s chocolate cake, Aboy’s Sisig and Scallops, Pepe’s Salpicao, Cookies&Crumb’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, 21 Restaurant’s Special Batchoy, Lord Byron’s Ribs, Felicia’s ensaymada AND OF COURSE Chicken Inasal in Manukan Country! HAYYYY! Next time we visit Bacolod, I will block off an entire week to visit even more restaurants! Bitin na bitin kami! I can’t wait to travel back to Bacolod—-time to search for another promo fare 🙂 🙂 Hihihihi!!!

Thanks again Sheila and Jorem Catilo for these awesome photos!!!

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  1. cool barkada shots! what brand of camera and apps used? enjoy the good life and God bless!