Bag Crush

I saw this photo of my style idol, Olivia Palermo, online and I had a mini heart attack. This woman is impossibly stylish, I don’t even know where to begin. She’s so cool her bike is starting to look like a Ducati! OH, The power of Olivia 🙂 
Although it will take me 20 years before I actually save enough money to get a bag like this, there are still a lot of good quality brands out there that I could subscribe to. In fact, I remember checking out a few bags when I was vacationing in NYC last May. Patrick and I had an agreement and I proudly stuck to my “no shopping” rule for our trip so we could allot our budget to food and sightseeing. But I was able to set aside some money and I think it’s time for a little splurge (paminsan-minsan lang naman, di ba!?). I wanted to get an authentic designer bag but didn’t want to pay a big sum for it, so I remembered my Tita Marie (one of my mom’s best friend who’s based in the States) was dropping by a designer outlet store this week—so I had to send her money ASAP para masama niya yung dream bag sa purchases niya. 

Wire transfers through banks are tricky and tedious so I decided to try Western Union’s money transfer service. It was my first time ever so I did some research–of course I wanted to make sure it was a secure way of sending my hard earned money. I heard good reviews from friends and family members so I decided to go through it. 

I visited their website to read the instructions and also to search for the nearest location. I found a PNB branch near our condo that offers the Western Union service for a fixed transaction fee of only Php770 (for USA). I simply filled up the form with my contact details, birthday, email address, and TIN (you could also put in your SSS/GSIS) and showed them my driver’s license. For the recipient, I just jotted down my Tita’s full name and contact details, too. The whole process took about 5 minutes, painless and not at all intimidating. And unlike bank transfers which takes several business days, your recipient can receive the money anywhere in the world within minutes! Plus for your peace of mind, they also have a tracking service which will allow you to follow your money.

As soon as I got home, I sent my Tita a message on Facebook with the Money Transfer Control Number. She just crossed the street to her favorite drugstore (which happens to have a Western Union kiosk), showed the MTCN to the teller and collected the money just by showing her ID! Super easy! So now all I have to do is just wait for my dream handbag to arrive!!!!! Yahoooo 🙂 🙂 I’m glad I gave this a shot, what a convenient way to send & receive money to loved ones abroad!

                                                                                                                                This post is brought to you by Western Union.


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  1. hi Patty, thanks for this post, very useful! would also love to know what designer bag is it! pls reveal ;)stay happy and blessed!