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Just a few days ago, I got a letter from a reader who gave a very interesting observation. She complimented me on my personal style (Thank You Very Much!) and said that she noticed that I don’t really don luxury brands and asked me if it was a conscious decision for me to steer clear of high end fashion brands so I can save for my travels instead. This was actually something I never really thought about so I was forced to ponder on it before replying. 
It’s not that I have a great disdain for high end items– I AM actually quite A BIG FAN of Fashion. I understand the mechanism behind the fashion industry. I see all the hard work that goes into each piece, months of creative collaborations, research studies, focus group discussions, business strategies–all of the nitty gritty factors that are far from glamorous, but actually very serious. I appreciate the ART of Fashion and I celebrate these 21st century creatives. 
But for now, I am a middle class single woman..saving for our condo’s renovation, a wedding, and married life. Somehow a Php70,000 bag just doesn’t seem to fit into my current status in life. And you know what, it’s actually OK. I’m happy that I can still pull off a decent look without going broke. Who knows, someday, I might be able to splurge on a Louis Vuitton bag and I will love it and call it Fifi (just because I CAN!!!). But til that day comes, I choose to live within my means and spend the money I actually have on things I actually can afford. It’s a simple truth for me now which I happily live by each day. You can be a fan of high end fashion brands without having to own one. It’s like being a fan of ART, you can stand in awe of it and train yourself to pick up a certain taste level without having to shell out millions for that masterpiece.
I remember being absolutely in love with this ring by a well known French design label. I saw it online and I was just blown away by the photos. Since it wasn’t available in Manila, I asked my mom to check it out in Hong Kong while she was there on vacation. She called me while she was inside the store (and of course she spoke in Tagalog para hindi daw siya maintindihan ng sales girl) “Naku Anak, mukhang ginawa ng 5 year old.”. And I just laughed. In the photo it looked so cool and edgy, so “fashion forward”..but my ever so practical mom just saw right through it. It was an overpriced mediocre item that did not deserve my hard earned savings. And that’s why it takes a bit of discernment when it comes to fashion purchases. I’m all for rewarding yourself with something fabulous once in a while, but it should be worth every penny that you shell out. 
I have friends who collect high end bags and I GET IT. Bags are damn beautiful things. I could just open a bag and admire its craftsmanship and just say “Wow.” For as long as the money you use to buy these bags comes from your OWN pocket, then by all means–please treat yourself! In the same way, I treat myself to food and travel–I feel they shouldn’t be judged for their splurges too. There are days I just want a big juicy steak–and it’s crazy expensive–but I still treat myself to it when I feel I earned the right to a T bone. To each his own. 
So there, I will choose to celebrate fashion as much as I can on this blog. I am a girly-girl who likes pretty things and I will continue to post all these fashion inspirations on this site..not to force you to buy them, but just because they’re beautifully made and they deserve a round of applause. Here are some bags I’m loving right now!!!
Muted Pastels
via the fancy

Pastel Neopolitam.J Crew. MaxMara.

A Pop of Color
via the fancy
Cleobela. Tory Burch. Rebecca Minkoff. Marc Jacobs. Antik Batik. Theodore and Callum.

White and Gold
via pretty glamorous
Michael Kors. CC Skye.Tory Burch. Marc Jacobs.
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14 Responses to Bag Lady

  1. Hello Patty! I totally agree with this! As long as you’re spending within your means, then kanya-kanyang luho lang ‘yan. Hehe! Your spending habits is such an inspiration to young, first-time earners (like me!) to value saving while treating oneself from time to time. Keep it up! I’m a big fan! 🙂

  2. ms. patty

    it’s incredible to know you are not just about the high end bags and stuffs. you really are a role model for every woman who are fond of fashion 🙂

  3. Very well said! It made me admire you more…I respect too my friends who derive a different kind of high with branded bags but more important is that you can still look good & attractive & stylish in the most simplest things! By the way, hope I can read a blog about your sister & you or your personal space at home! More power! 😊👍

  4. I love your post to pieces. I love high fashion but still working hard to afford to splurge— miss you patty!!!!

  5. I so love this post Ms. Patty. I love the line “Live within your means”. I love the way how you have able to decide things for yourself! Everyday I am always excited to read your blog posts.

  6. You inspired me in many ways through your blog and this is another inspiring post. Keep it up! I love bags, shoes, clothes and fashion too just like any other ordinary women but i dont buy the expensive ones. Just like you im the happiest girl when i splurge on my hard-earned money too.

  7. I agree, being practical is different from being a miser. I also love bags, but I very rarely buy expensive ones. The ones I have usually come as gifts or hand-me-downs from my mom and relatives. But I guess it really depends on one’s lifestyle, if you can afford it, why not?

  8. such a refreshing view patty. while the other high profile blogs are posting expensive bags and shoes and encouraging us to spend , here you are , sharing your thoughts on how to be wise and practical.

  9. Thank you Ms. Patty you are an inspiration to many. 🙂 I want to thank you being such ahuge inspiration as to what kind of woman I wanna be like 🙂 Thank you again! 🙂

  10. You truly are an inspiration Ms. Patty! 🙂

    I too love and adore designers bags but as much as I want it, I just can’t afford it. If I were to choose between travel and designer bags, I’d choose the former. Labels are such a mesmerizing treat but for me, nothing beats the satisfaction and fulfillment of hopping from one country to another.

    Because of your blog, ordinary people like me are inspired to conquer the world. It also taught me that you need not be born with a silver spoon or be a millionaire to explore the world, you just need save and be yourself. 😉

  11. I totally agree with this statement of yours:
    “I choose to live within my means and spend the money I actually have on things I actually can afford.”

    You are really my idol patty. Keep inspiring us. mwuah! 🙂