A few days ago, I had an overdue lunch date with my grade school BFFs Sheila and Stella at BAIT’S in Valero Street, Makati. We had such a pleasant dining experience, I thought I’d share some photos here on the blog today. It’s located on the corner of Rufino and Valero, right in the center of the business district of Makati. I imagine this would be the go-to-spot for the corporate crowd, it’s perfect for lunch breaks and happy hour. Yet although we hardly fit the bill for the “corporate” types, these 3 mommies still enjoyed the ambiance at BAIT’s. Chef Joseph Margate’s food is spot on, tasty and satisfying. My personal favorites include: 1) Red Snapper Sashimi with Adobo Flakes—I was intimidated by the look at first but once I had my first bite, I was sold! 2) Crispy Shrimp Salad–this one I especially enjoyed, it worked well with the veggies and corn 3) Crispy Suckling Pig–the best seller! And my TOP pick also! So delicious! 4) Seafood Risotto– a classic choice for seafood lovers, this was very filling and can be shared  5) Calamansi Cheesecake–reminds me of Key Lime Pie but with a Pinoy twist. Oh and I have to also give proper credit to the staff, they were very warm and well trained. It’s a HUGE plus for me when a restaurant has good servers 🙂 Bait’s is definitely worth a visit!
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