Balimoon: Ubud Hanging Gardens

Halloooo there! Patrick is fast asleep so I’m blogging in the dark. Hopefully the light from my laptop doesn’t wake him. I should learn how to be a silent typer..ang ingay ng keyboard!!! 🙂 I apologize for not posting about our mini honeymoon right away. As soon as we got back from Bali, both Pat and I had to go straight to work. I had a shoe launch to fix, events to host, and of course–adjusting to married life made me quite busy these past few days. But I’m glad I was able to squeeze in some blogging time today—this really is my way to zone out from the daily grind. So to my readers, thanks for always dropping by my little happy place in cyberspace. I always look forward to sharing my little life experiences with you!
Today, I am bombarding you with images from the Ubud leg of our Bali trip. As much as I love Nusa Dua and Seminyak, there’s something mystical about the jungles of Ubud that just wins me over each and every time. I’ve visited Bali several times with my family, but this time it was extra special because it was my first time in the island as a MISIS with my MISTER. Awww!!:) There’s a lot to share about BALI, but let me narrow this post down to UBUD. We stayed in the SPECTACULAR Ubud Hanging Gardens. Definitely not like the budget hotels I’ve grown accustomed too–possibly one of the most luxurious resorts I’ve ever stayed in. I got our air tickets on promo so when I was looking for hotels, I figured it was time for a splurge since we already saved a lot on airfare—after all, it was for our HONEYMOON!!! Minsan lang naman, so might as well–live a little, right? Ubud Hanging Gardens always made it to the top of the list of all the websites and travel forums I stalked—and when I saw these images on their site–YUN NA. It was OVER. But the prices were too steep for us, so I sort of lost hope and was ready to settle for a hotel that would be more in our price range. But then after a week, I decided to work on the search engine again–and tadahhhhh!!! A 30% off early bird promo came up!! Pasok sa budget!!! Yehey!:) But the good news didn’t end there, when we checked in—we got upgraded to the MOST EXPENSIVE suite in the resort!!!! AMAZING! I wish I could take credit for it, but it’s all the big guy’s doing! Here are some photos from their website. Our suite came with it’s own infinity pool! WOW. 
 You see that little dot in the middle, zoom in and you’ll see it’s ME!!!!
We spent about 75% of the time in our resort! With a resort as beautiful as this, hindi ka talaga aalis! Besides, we were promoted to such a luxurious suite (a suite we would never ever be able to afford on our own)–kaya dapat sulitin! We watched Nat Geo and Discovery Channel ALL DAY. And by all day, I mean it. By 10pm, we felt our IQ levels were at an all time high. Pat even said in jest, “Wow Love, this honeymoon is not only romantic—-it’s educational too! ANG TALINO NA NATIN!!!” Mwahahaha!!! We watched all the specials and absorbed all the info we possibly could about shark attacks, air crash investigations, criminal minds, doomsday prepping, etc. LAHAT TALAGA pinanood namin! That’s how sexy our honeymooning was! Hahaha!:) I love that Pat and I manage to have fun even if it’s just staying in bed to watch nerdy TV series! Hooray!
What we liked most about Ubud Hanging Gardens was how organic it felt! The huts blended so beautifully with the trees (they were almost hidden in fact!). You could tell that the architects really took the time to strategically place the resort in the jungle setting–without having to chop down trees and disrupt mother nature. To prove that it was indeed eco-friendly, believe it or not we had a whole family of monkeys chilling by our deck. I was actually panicking when I saw them—imagine WILD monkeys in your hotel room?! I was motioning through the glass for them to get out but the big ass unggoy just looked at me with attitude like “GUUURL, this is my hood. Don’t you dare shoo me away! Na-ah!”.  I’m just glad the monkeys didn’t steal my bikini na nakabilad sa labas! Haha! But monkey business aside, I just loved how eco friendly it was without scrimping on the luxuries. 
If we spent 75% in our resort (being nerds in the middle of nowhere), the 25% of our stay in Ubud was spent with the locals. We visited their local palengke and even took an authentic Balinese cooking class. Masarap din ang pagkain nila ha, of course our dishes provide more variety but they do have some winners. I must have had chicken satay and nasi goreng at least 4 times in our one week stay! Here are some photos 🙂

So there, that’s the first installment of our Bali-moon. 
I’ll be sharing more foodie recommendations in the next post! 

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  1. Ganda ng blog post na to. Not the typical honeymoon stories. Pero I can see the sweetness pa rin 🙂 Blooming nyo dalawa. And it’s good to know that you really found a partner na mahilig sa hilig mo or nakatagpo ang partner mo na katulad mo na nakakarelate sa trip mo. La na nalito na ko sa sinabi ko. HAHA!

    Basta saya. Natuwa ako post. I miss your travel stories nga pala. Buti may post na ulit na ganito 😉

    Thank you Pat!
    God Bless po!

  2. Bali is on the top 3 of my dream destinations too so i was so thrilled when i learned that you’ll have ur honeymoon there! I was waiting for this post. I saw some photos posted by ur hubby on his IG too. Saya!

  3. Ms. Patty, I hope you can also share the brand of the clothes you’re wearing, I like the simple and classic lines kasi, this one in particular, I like the salmon colored dress (or pink?! Love your blog!-Angel