Bamba Bistro


After hearing rave after rave about BAMBA BISTRO, I finally was able to try their food for the very first time last week. Bamba is located in Aguirre Street in BF Homes, you can’t miss it’s bright green sign 🙂 The food was fantastic, definitely worth all the hype! Chef Tina Legarda is the real deal and she really does comfort food so excellently. If you had a really long and tiring day and don’t want to overthink your meal, then you should head on over to Bamba.


Artichoke Crostini with Basil Puree, Ricotta Cheese, Sweet Balsamic and AlmondsP1270716

Ria had a heavy dinner the night before so she opted for this light and crunchy Apple SaladP1270720

My favorite!!!!! I’ll definitely be back for this! Pan fried scallops with Potato Mash, Fig and Basil.P1270725

Gel ordered these Le Cochon sliders and I was able to steal one 🙂 Crunchy pork belly in a slider, so filling!


French Onion Soup meets Mac&Cheese. This is a sure hit for the kiddies!


For the veggie lovers, this Shroom-Silog is so delicious!!


For dessert, we ordered WHAT’S MY NAME AGAIN. Crunchy, Chewy and Sweet!P1270749 P1270763

My Breakfast Show Amigas: Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo (my co-host and carpool mate!) and Gel Colet (from TV boss to Cake Boss).


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