Banking through Facebook

I hate, hate, hate lining up to pay my bills in the bank. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll notice that the top 3 things I rant about would be 1)Lining up to pay bills 2)Cutting my sugar intake 3)The break-up of the greatest on screen/off screen love team: Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling—I am just too much of a fan of The Notebook. I CAN’T MOVE ON. I just can’t. They were MFEO!!! 

You know you’re a grown up when you have bills to pay and when those bills have your name emblazoned on the envelope. Walang takas, it’s yours and you have to face the music. I’ve been paying my OWN bills for over a decade now and though it’s empowering to know that you’re able to financially sustain yourself—it’s such a sad, sad, sad moment for your wallet every nth day of the month. We all have money issues. Even rich people have money issues–only their issue is “Where should I spend my money next? I just bought a limo, a yacht, and Justin Bieber’s grandparents!” Hassle naman. #richpeopleproblems

I had a little wake up call when i was asked to review the new Facebook app of BPI. I’m still studying how to go about it and it seems pretty straightforward and user friendly. On your FB search bar, simply key in BPI and you’ll see the BPI Bankers Online App. Click on it to verify your account and within seconds you’ll be directed to the app.

You’ll be greeted by a group of friendly online bankers–each with a different personality profile. There’s Eunice the Gadget Junkie, Brian the Bowler, Sherrie the Fab Foodie and other equally fun bankers to chat with. Whether you’re a financial analyst or a blogger who hates Math (ahem, ahem)—it’s nice to have these approachable online experts to help you with your banking concerns.

I realized that although Patrick and I are relatively prudent and are able to live within our means…it’s still quite irresponsible to just “coast along”. To be a good steward of your income, I see now that it’s important to manage your finances properly and research on how to make your money grow. This is something I’m obviously clueless about so please don’t write me an email, guys. Well, if you really do have some questions about your money matters—then maybe it would be a good idea to review the BPI Facebook App as well. 

“With the app now on Facebook, Filipinos are not limited by either banking hours or having to physically visit a branch. Users can go online to ask and get tips on wise money management, growing their wealth, responsible borrowing and other financial concerns. BPI bankers will then carefully respond to each query to ensure that users will receive only the best advice and solutions for their individual situations. The app also features a connection to BPI’s helpdesk to answer customer service needs.” Just log on to
This post is sponsored by BPI. 

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