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After weeks of anticipation (thanks to the power build up by Cat Juan-Ledesma ), I finally set foot on Cebu’s premier mommy&baby store, BaoBao Babies…and it was even more fantastic in person than it was in my head. Located at the Oakridge Business Park in Mandaue, this store is a shopping mama’s dream come true and I’m so glad I was able to go bonkers with my mommy buds Cat, Kelly, Nicole and Bianca that day. I remember feeling the same wide-eyed astonishment for “things” when I first visited Toys R Us in Hong Kong at age six. You know what I mean—thinking to yourself “I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW” while clutching one item and then thinking the exact same thing after picking up the next item a few racks to the left, then again for that other item on your right. And each time you say it to yourself with so much conviction. You have to believe that it’s destiny for you and <insert product here>! Hahahaha! 🙂 🙂 🙂

You could easily tell that the owners, Emily and Shirly are very mindful about the items they put on their shelves. All the products were carefully curated, tested and reviewed—offering only the best for moms and their little ones. To all the mommas out there, I highly recommend adding a trip to BaoBao babies to your Cebu itinerary. And give yourself at least an hour to properly enjoy the shopping experience! 30 minutes was sooooo bitin!!! I snagged a lot of hard to find brands and other smart products for Theo and I still have a few more items on my wishlist. It’s a good thing they can ship to any address in the Philippines. Just follow them on IG @BaoBaoBabies to view their current selection and send them an email at 🙂 Thanks again BAOBAO BABIES for all the love for our babies!!!
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