Batang Superbook

Sino dito ay lumaki sa Superbook at Flying House?!?!?! SINO?!!? Umamin kayo!!! Magtapat ka, magtapat kaaaaaa! Hahaha! I’m sure most of you are probably blushing while reading this—too shy to expose your age I see! Well, I’m a proud child of the 80s-90s. The decade of Giordano Classics, Ice Skating in Megamall, and of course—SUPERBOOK & FLYING HOUSE!!! I was even a member of their Kiddie Club! I waited 3 whole months to get my “membership card” (typewritten and laminated—oooohhh! LEGIT!) in the mail. As a child I was really hooked on these two cartoon series..and looking back, I guess I really picked up a lot of life lessons through these entertaining, educational and encouraging TV series. That’s why we were all so mellow in the 90s! It’s because we were exposed to HAPPY TV back then 🙂 For my younger blog readers, here’s a little info about Superbook…

CBN’s animation series, Superbook, was born out of a vision that Pat Robertson and the leadership of CBN had for Japan in 1979. The project was largely centered around CBN’s desire to promote the Bible to the Japanese public in partnership with Word of Life Press and Ken Taylor of Living Bibles International. 

Initially, Superbook was only contemplated as a television series for Japan. The animation characters were characteristically Japanese and CBN had no plans of using the series elsewhere. After the series was dubbed into English, CBN decided to broadcast Superbook in 1983 over the CBN Cable Network in the U.S., which accessed 10 million households at the time. 

Since 1983, the Superbook animation series has been dubbed into over 40 languages and broadcasted in well over 80 countries and has impacted the lives of thousands of people throughout the world. Superbook’s success has gone way beyond the scope of what CBN had originally hoped for it and it continues to touch lives on broadcasts throughout the world today.– Text from Superbook Website

Last Saturday, my in laws invited us to the GRAND LAUNCH of the new and improved Superbook in Manila! The same Superbook we all loved in the 80-90s, is now digitally animated for the new generation. My inner batang Superbook was totally psyched about this event—I really begged Patrick to clear our Saturday schedule just for this!!! We got to watch a classic Superbook episode (which gave me goosebumps!!!) and we were also treated to a sneak peek of the “REIMAGINED SUPERBOOK”. Kinikilig ako para sa mga batang Superbook ng bagong henerasyon! Napakaganda ng pagkagawa ng bagong Superbook series! This will be shown nationwide on GMA 7 next year, so be sure to check out the Superbook website for updates. 

The Nineteen Kopong-Kopong Version which was the coolest thing EVURRRRR!!!!

And the REIMAGINED version which will launch officially in the Philippines in 2013!!!!

12 Responses to Batang Superbook

  1. Relate! I was a big SuperBook and Flying House fan and was also a member of the club. (Superbook jingle playing in my head now)

    I’m so excited to watch this again with my kiddo.=) Thanks for sharing, Patty!

  2. OMG, OMG, I love Superbook and Flying House!

    We now live abroad and my eldest is 3 y.o. and while we rarely let her watch TV, for these two shows, we’d definitely make an exception.

    Meron kayang DVD boxset niyan? Pati na rin sana yung Batibot! Those shows were the best… and you couldn’t have said it better – “That’s why we were all so mellow in the 90s! It’s because we were exposed to HAPPY TV back then :)”.

    I’ll go visit their website now. Thanks, Patty!

    Malou <– born in 1977!

  3. Proud to be a batang 80s and Super Kids Club loyal member. I remember pagBday mo they will send something for your birthday! It’s good to hear that Superbook/Flying House is back to give kids Bible stories with a twist!

  4. I was there! haha! I was both kinikilig and nahihiya when they were asking the audience as to who were able to watch the original superbook and the flying house. Waaaah! Ang tanda ko na pala talaga! :))

  5. I also grew up with these shows. Now I let my Sunday School students watch the VCDs to learn more about God. SUPERCOOL talaga. Thanks for sharing this Mrs. Patty. Going to encourage my students to watch the new version on TV. WEE! Praise God for Superbook!!! 🙂

  6. aww.. im a certified Flying House/Super Book lover! I cried in that episode when they lost their dog Ruffles! haha.

  7. I love super book and flying house! back then the animation was superb.indeed until now~ palabas pa din, sa channel 33 naman and i’m still watching it haha~

  8. wow we have videos ng buong superbook and flying house. pinapa-panood ko eto sa daughter ko so kilala nya mga characters sa bible. mas magiging favorite nya eto bec of reimaged thing. thanks for sharing

  9. I was a Kidddie Club member too! I remember my membership card (typewritten and laminated too!) came along with some more stuff. I love Flying House and Superbook

  10. We are the ones, the new generation.
    Learning to know, the right way to go.
    We will make a better today.
    Jesus is the way! (2x)

    Flying House for the win!

  11. i was a member too and completed it. i received a certificate that i have fully finished the super kids club.. i have everything from the start and that includes the decoder on their first mail… i put it all in a metal box and buried it in ozamis (my father’s homegrown land) on the late 90s.. the thing now, is that i forgot where i buried it, i only remember that it was near a coconut tree and an old damaged bahay-kubo..
    the small comics was also there and complete.