Bath Time Snaps

I’ll be honest bath time used to be one of our least favorite activities with the mochi ball, because he started out as a GOAT! And by GOAT, I don’t mean Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant (Greatest of All Time) hahahahaha! I mean KAMBING! Takot sa tubig! He would wince, wail and squeal in disgust whenever we would bathe him. But we were determined to make it a pleasant experience for him and so we didn’t give up! We got creativ and tried different things everyday until finally we found our own rhythm in bathing him. And all that perseverance paid off and now thankfully, Theo LOVES bathing!!! And because bath time is so fun–it has also extended to swimming. As long as he sees water he goes bonkers! Even the fountains at the mall makes him go cray-cray with delight. Hahahaha! Here’s a fun interview I did for Smart Parenting a few weeks back where I share all my bathing tips and stories 🙂

We’ve taken his bath tub from the dirty kitchen, to the dining table and in these photos–we also bathe him in the garden too! I think we should try the garage?? Hahaha! It may take a bit of effort to get creative but when I see how happy it makes my son, it becomes all worth it. Because we are proud Belo Baby ambassadors, I have to say that bathing has become even more fun these days!! We especially love the Hair and Body Wash because it’s not at all sticky or slimy like other brands, it rinses off completely without leaving any residue. And I also love that it’s a 2-in-1 product so you get more bang for your buck.

A mommy friend of mine asked me via text last week–“Patty, between us lang—is Belo Baby really good? I mean, do you think it’s really worth buying?” and I confidently said YES! We really do use it at home with Theo! This is not just for posing for an ad, we really have tried and tested it on our son and are happy with the results. Like I mentioned in my previous post about the product line— it’s safe, gentle and natural so it really puts my mind at ease knowing that we are using products that are kind to his delicate and fluffy body. Hehehe!

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Photos by the baby whisperers/master lensmen Zeus and Vitt of @LifeByOhana. They are the best at shooting young children and families, you’ll find their details on Instagram 🙂

Check out this TOO CUTE for words video by Belo Baby!!!! Belo Baby invites all moms to post the most creative and memorable shots of their babies on Instagram, add the hashtag #belobaby and tag @belobabylove.  You could be one of 3 winners of premium Belo Baby goodies and a special photo session with your little one.  This will run from May 06 to June 03 🙂 Visit the BELO BABY page on Facebook! 

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