Be my Facebook Buddy,pretty please?

       Happy Wednesday Morning People of Planet Earth!!! I’m now on FEZBOOK!!!:) As you all know, I’ve been maintaining only 1 private account to keep in touch with all of my close friends and family. Some of you have been encouraging me to open my FB Fan Page and although it’s so flattering to hear that.. I honestly don’t think I even have FANS! Mga sikat lang ang may karapatan mag-Fan Page, diba?! Big celebrities use it to announce all their mall tour gigs right? “Hi fans! I’ll be in SM North Edsa with Sarah Geronimo on April 5 and then I’ll be with Aljur Abrenica in Glorietta Activity Center on April 6. Toodles! XOXO” The only “mall tour” I’ve done is a tour of the mall, as a shopper. So if I were to use this as an announcement board you’ll probably get something like “Hi fans! I’m checking test papers in the faculty lounge of the Comm Dept right now. So fun! Toodles!XOXO”.  The only person who’ll probably sign up for my fan page would be my dad..and he doesn’t even have a Facebook account! So I have negative one fans! Wenk, wenk, weeeenk.

   But I desperately want to interact with all of you more, so I decided to make a COMMUNITY PAGE for all of us. I wanted to make a FAMILY page because I think of you guys as my cyber family ( hug naman diyan!) but people might think I’m creating some weird chocolate lovers cult group so let’s keep it safe at “COMMUNITY”. I thought of making it more specific also, by making it a CUTE PEOPLE ONLY COMMUNITY. Think of it as my service to mankind, bringing together all the cute people and creating a happy place for cute people to enjoy each other’s cuteness! Cute people, fear not, for this is a safe haven for you. So if you’re not cute, I’m sorry but I have standards to uphold. I just want to be fair to all my cute members..mahirap kasi makihalubilo sa mga not-so-cute human beings.  I’ve been there.. trust me, it’s just sheer torture. Hahaha! I hope you do know I’m kidding..Cute and Pacute, you’re all welcome to join me. 🙂 I value each and every one of you!
    On a daily basis, I discover a lot of great finds in the net and having a FB community page allows me to share all these quirky, corny, interesting, and inspirational snippets with you. I’d like to have a ping-pong of ideas with you too, I’m sure you’ll WOW me with all your great online finds so please make sure you post something on my wall as well. As long as we keep the FB Community Page fun, interesting and POSITIVE..I’m sure it will be a win-win situation for me and you 🙂 I just have one disclaimer: Galit ako sa mga galit sa mundo, so I will definitely delete any negative links and comments. We should only release GOOD and HAPPY vibes out into the world! Don’t be bitter, be BETTER!! 
     Since I’m not a techie person, it took me a whole 20 minutes to come up with a page. First, I visited the Facebook Help Center. For a help center, they weren’t very helpful! I asked them about my current life issues and they kept redirecting me elsewhere. Grrr. 
Finally, I asked for tips on creating a page. And with a few clicks, I finally made a community page!

Tadaaaahhhh!!! I’m now legit! Too legit, too legit to quit!:)
I only have one LIKE, and it’s me!!! Watta loser. Awww, man! 🙁 

If you like me, please add me up!
If you don’t like me, please add me up still!

Oh and guess what, my best buddy Alessa has her own community too! 
And she has a CUTE ONLY clause as well. Hahaha 🙂

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