Be Your Best Beautiful

My friends at OLAY sent me some of their products to try (I love their Aquaction mask!) and they also shared a link to their #BestBeautiful video. I watched it the other day and I was amazed by how they managed to squeeze in a lot of positivity in just a 30 seconder. As a working woman (and a married woman at that), I can definitely relate to the video—especially the bit where one girl says “I will look like I got all my beauty sleep, even if I’m UP all night!”. HEYYY! That’s me! That’s me!!! Even if I’m too tired to function, I still give myself a good 10 minutes to cleanse, moisturize, and put on a little makeup just so I can convince others that I’m all “happyhappyhappy” even if I’m all “tiredsicksleepy”. 
To be honest, I don’t know if I’m at my #BestBeautiful phase yet–but it’s good to work towards that goal. I just got back from a lunch and shopping date with my mom a few hours ago, and so I thought it would be nice to actually write about this whole #BestBeautiful movement with my mom in mind because to me she really is the epitome of a woman who has embraced her #BestBeautiful self. 
She’s 51, exactly 20 years older than me. She’s a former beauty queen, mom, wife, teacher, team leader, church volunteer, and of course, her favorite role to date is being a grandmother and Cesco’s number one fan! hehehe. I’ve written numerous posts about my mom on the blog but there’s still so much about her that I’d like to share 🙂 She’s always been a busy body, always active and productive, and I don’t see her slowing down anytime soon. She’s given so much of her life for the service of others–I honestly think this is the only life she knows how to live 🙂 But what I love about my mom is that she understands  that taking care of herself is just as important as taking care of others. Whenever I receive a compliment saying “Wow, you look so fresh!” I always attribute it to my mother—the original FRESHNESS peg! My sister and I got it all from her..and maybe 5% from my dad, joke! Fresh din daddy ko?!?! Hahaha! She’s not at all the high maintenance type, she doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on expensive treatments and products. (Hindi talaga pwede maging maarte especially if you’re married to JJ Laurel a.k.a. King Kuripot!) But she loves to make herself look and feel pretty everyday and has a very graceful approach towards aging and womanhood. I do hope one day when people see me, they’ll see the same grace, strength and elegance that they see in my mom today—and that to me would be my #BestBeautiful moment! Just like in the video, whatever season we may be in our life–a single woman, a young mother, a grandmother–we all have an opportunity to do great things and NOT SETTLE for “pwede na”.
So here’s to owning our own #BestBeautiful moments, ladies! Cheers 🙂
Photo by Bea Marquez

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