Beach Shoes: Praiaz

Wearing a White Thread 365 Tank with my White Praiaz, 
both are available in CommonThread Greenbelt 5. 
I found my new beach shoes!!!! FINALLY! Okay, so obviously I am NOT in the beach here (this was just taken before I stepped out of my condo for brunch)…but that’s why I love these shoes. They work for both my asphalt to sandy circumstances! It’s a pair I can use in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (I don’t know if that even is grammatically correct but Alicia Keys sang it so that’s correct enough for me!) and bring it 

PRAIAZ is derived from the Portugese word for “beach”. These all terrain shoes are perfectly suited for your beach trips because they’re completely water and weather proof..this means you can submerge the entire shoe in water and not worry about ruining it. And they even FLOAT in water so if you use them while swimming or trekking, they’ll just pop right up to the surface. It’s also very easy to clean or rinse off. It’s very light and provide cushion comfort for your soles (they feel like rubber mashmallows!). But the best characteristic for me—-they smell like coconuts! Yes! They actually have a coconut scent infused to each pair that should last you a while. So you immediately get transported to beach mode with just a whiff. 

So I grabbed some photos from PRAIAZ Fb Page to convince you of it’s coolness. It also works well for the boys. I got a pair for my husband too 🙂
Get your Praiaz at CT Greenbelt.

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