Beautiful Things

I receive a lot of emails from women (and also men) from all parts of the country and even from outside the Philippines. A big chunk of those emails are honest and genuine tales of heartbreak, family woes, mental and emotional issues, etc. And though it means a lot to know that these strangers trust me enough to share their personal issues, it sometimes boggles me as to why they would consider me..Out of all the brilliant and wise people in the world?? Guys, tatanga-tanga pa ako sa buhay noh!!! Hehehe! It takes me a while to reply because in all honesty, I feel so ill equipped to be handing out life and love advice. Here I am struggling like a blind person with barely any life experience to brag about—grappling through life in the dark. Who am I to tell random people what to do, what to believe in or how to live their lives? It’s like being in the first grade dealing with the multiplication table and someone from high school comes up to ask you for help with his Algebra homework. Dude, I don’t know 7×8 yet! Just like most of you, I too am clueless about LIFE. I feel angry, frustrated, stressed, insecure, baffled, doubtful about things that are beyond my control too–and that’s just on Thursdays! You should see me on Mondays! Just go and ask my husband and my best friends—I see them nodding now. Hahahaha!!!:)

I may not have all the answers for you but I’d like to share my little coping technique. Whenever I go through something difficult, I go to my little corner and listen to music (and sometimes sing it out loud to God or to my neighbors, hehehe). There are songs that just put me in a peaceful state, clearing my thoughts, and just allows me to have some time out time with the Lord. I remember just a week after my operation, the pain was throbbing and I felt like bibigay na yung katawan ko sa sakit so I made a little playlist and sang away the pain and it actually helped me a lot! A few days ago I was going through a personal crisis so I brought out my laptop and did a little karaoke time with myself. Here’s one song that I’ve shared before that always speaks to my heart. 

The lyrics are incredibly profound yet so relatable. In a nutshell, it speaks of how God works in each and every one of us—how he can make YOU (no matter how damaged, jaded, hurt, angry, proud, imperfect, depressed) into something BEAUTIFUL. Huh?! What?! How?!? Why?!?! This doesn’t seem to compute in your mind right now but trust me, it’ll all make sense if you just allow HIM to work in you. I don’t know what you’re going through but I do hope this song helps you as much as it helped me. 🙂 Happy Monday!

6 Responses to Beautiful Things

  1. Such a wonderful post, patty! This serves as a reminder that despite of the dark days we go through, we are still bound to a brighter future. May God continue to bless you and Pat!:)

  2. Thank you for this, Patty. It sure made me feel better. Hope you can share your playlist. Even if it’s just the titles. 🙂