Beauty Staycation at Sofitel Manila

Now that I’m in my 30s, I’ve been starting to put a higher premium on beauty, health and wellness. These things never really fazed me as much when I was younger. I never really dabbled in the standard teenage vices. I’ve always been an alcohol lightweight, I never lit a cigarette (brought about by my aversion to matches/lighters and not really because I was a staunch health advocate), and I was too much of a pansy to even try drugs—so yeah, I was basically a loser with two vices: chocolates and junk food. For fitness, I was a lazy slug all my life, not at all the sporty type. Hehehe! I was never really destructive with my body but I wasn’t exactly healthy either. When it came to beauty, I just washed my face and practiced good hygiene—and that was pretty much it. So I spent my life just coasting along—not really investing in myself. It was only when I approached 30 that my mindset completely changed. I started being more mindful of my eating habits (still cheating though!), started Pilates, and also invested more time at the derma. And it wasn’t because I was fearful of the new decade. I guess I just realized that it was time to become a good steward of this life GOD has blessed me with. I wanted to take care of myself so I would be able to take care of my loved ones better.. and if it makes me look better in the process, then hooray! So now, whenever I hear of wellness activities, it gets me giddy and excited to learn something new. 

Everyone knows I LOVE SOFITEL, it has been a favorite of mine for many years now. I’m always so impressed by their service and each time I visit the hotel (whether it’s for a dinner date, to stay overnight, or a meeting) I notice something new and improved. I love that this iconic hotel continues to surprise it’s loyal fans. And speaking of “new offers”—their in-house Aesthetic Lifestyle Center, Vietura, now offers special packages for guests looking for something a bit more than the standard overnighter. Last week, my girlfriends and I were invited to try the BEAUTY STAYCATION by Vietura and Sofitel. How could you say NO to an invitation like this?!?! So Dani, Krissy and I definitely cleared our schedules for this!

The Beauty Staycation is a new program for both males and females. It’s an overnight package that allows guests to get personalized treatments at Vietura and enjoy the amenities and luxurious accommodations at Sofitel as well. They have a host of different packages to choose from so you can select a program that works for your specific needs and budget. You can do all sorts of treatments from slimming, to anti-aging, to detox, IV nutrition, facials, body scrubs, etc. You can go alone or make it a romantic activity with your sweetheart—or in our case, a barkada get together (the perfect excuse to catch up on your chikahan!). They prepared a really nice itinerary for us and we were treated like QUEENS!!! This is actually perfect for bridal showers, anniversaries, birthday celebrations—something different for you to experience 🙂

They gave us a huge suite overlooking Manila Bay. I could never ever get tired of this view. This is what sets Sofitel apart from all the other hotels in the city. It was actually raining on that day but this resort-hotel still looked so beautiful even with the gloomy skies as its backdrop.
We devoured this welcome platter within minutes. 
I was so happy to see my favorite Malagos cheese sitting on the tray! 
After chit-chatting (and over extending with the chika—girls will be girls!), we made our way down to Vietura to begin our Beauty&Wellness journey. Upon entering we were greeted by the warm smiles of the staff. They were accommodating and personable, without being overly chatty and in-your-face. They gave us enough space to enjoy each other’s company but were within arms reach to make sure that we were being well attended to. 

The interiors of Vietura were really impressive! I loved the indoor vertical gardens—the greens somehow made me feel so ALIVE! More oxygen for my lungs! Hehehe! The decor was plush and luxurious– a far cry from the very bare and spartan clinics that we are more used to. Here you come feeling relaxed, knowing that you are doing something GOOD for your body and getting pampered at the same time. You’ll have none of that “hospital dread” vibe in here. The suites are all very private so you can trust that your services will be kept in the strictest confidence, especially since they deal with very sensitive treatments. 

“At VIETURA, we understand that it isn’t always what’s on the surface that matters. It’s about finding the interconnection between aesthetic procedures, integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. It’s taking a complete approach to your health and wellness so that you can achieve a holistic balance in your life. It’s about going beyond cutting corners and quick fixes with non-invasive procedures that still present you with results that satisfy and fulfill your goals.

At VIETURA, we provide inspiration and offer a natural solution so that you can enjoy the best that life has to offer. Together we can discover your courage, find your pride and unleash your confidence.
Because we believe that it really is… all about you.” -Vietura Website
To make sure that each patient feels like a VIP, Vietura offers one-on-one consultations with the experts before each treatment. I had my consultation with Lifestyle Coach Agnes (her skin was soooo radiant up close! I couldn’t help but notice it!) and she asked me about my personal health goals, lifestyle, and other issues concerning my body and well being. She immediately put me at ease with her calm demeanor and answered all my questions very thoroughly. She prepared a detox program for me which was exactly what I needed after all the binge-eating I did during my Europe vacay! Hehehe! My friends Dani and Krissy each had their own consultations as well and they both found it very informative and insightful 🙂
After our Vietura treatments, we were ushered to LE SPA. Dani and I had full body massages while Krissy had a luxurious facial. My massage was INCREDIBLE—so much so that I quickly dozed off! I was in dreamland just after a few strokes, it was that relaxing! Krissy described the facial treatment she had and I was green with envy. She said it was layers and layers of all these heavenly concoctions that made her skin feel supple and soft right after. I’ll definitely come back for that facial someday!!!
Our husbands came to join us for dinner at Spiral. The buffet at Spiral remains unmatched. The selection at this buffet is still hands down, THE BEST in all of Metro Manila! Yes, admittedly it is very pricey but for the quality of food they offer, it really is worth the splurge. 
To burn the calories from the Spiral feast, we woke up to do some Kinesis training at SO FIT. If you avail of the staycation package, you will have this included in your itinerary as well. To be completely honest though, Dani and I just did the super-mega-beginner level. Hahaha! Nothing too hard core for us since we wanted to take it easy. But of course, the instructor can always create a tailor-made program for you depending on your physical state. This Kinesis system allows you to work all parts of your body, from your back, arms, chest, butt, thighs all the way down to your legs. In an hour, you can get a complete body workout. 
Breakfast at Spiral! We loved the cool Taho dude who served us fresh taho in our table!
After Breakfast, we made our way back to our “Happy Place”: Vietura. Krissy got a body scrub, Dani had another Ultra Lipo session (this time for her legs) and I signed up for the Colonics Hydrotherapy program. To be honest, I was a bit (okay SUPER) nervous about this. I’ve never had my bum-bums treated before so I didn’t know what to expect! Hihihihi!!! Thankfully the doctors and nurses were kind enough to explain all the steps and kept me calm through the procedure. Wow, it was surprisingly GOOD! No bola, I really felt great after it! It’s not painful AT ALL and the whole process is so clean, hygienic and modern–you won’t feel embarrassed at all. I was raving about it with my husband after and he kept laughing. I’m convinced that I should do this treatment more regularly. It’s the perfect detox program for those wanting to keep their colons clean—and you can even do this to aid your weight management. 
So that sums up our BEAUTY STAYCATION experience at Sofitel. I personally vouch for this package, it’s a bit steep on the price tag but really worth the investment especially since they use state of the art equipment and you also get all the 5 star add-ons from Sofitel! If you get the whole package, you’ll actually save much more than if you were to pay for the treatments, the overnight stay, the Kinesis program, and the meals separately. 

I would like to personally extend my deepest thanks to the Sofitel Family and Ms. Jane Santiago for taking care of the three of us. Indeed, you truly are a gem! You are so good at what you do, Jane! You’re such a sweetheart 🙂 Thanks for going the extra mile to make us feel so at home in Sofitel. And to all the nurses and doctors of Vietura, thanks for your wonderful service.

For more details about the Vietura Beauty Staycation at Sofitel, just visit Book now girls and boys!!! It’s amazing what an overnighter can do to your mind, body and soul 🙂

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  1. Hi Patty!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Amazing indeed, staycation na, may beautification pa? San ka pa? Hehehe. I would just like to ask, is it a beauty pampering package which includes an overnight stay?