Behind The Scenes: Blackmagic Shoot

A few days ago, Team Thirty Six O (headed by Patrick, Nico and our guest DOP Zach Sycip) shot videos of two of the most beautiful women in the archipelago and its surrounding waters (Aha!): Kelly Misa-Fernandez and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, who just happen to be two of my favorite girlfriends too! I know we all think that our “girlfriends” are beautiful—but you’ll have to agree when I say Rica and Kelly are beautiful in the universal kind of “Oo nga! Maganda talaga sila!”or “Si, Son Hermosas” or “Oui, elles sont belles!”. I used google translate to help me with my Spanish and French translations—o diba, sabi ko sa inyo universal talaga!!! Hahaha! 

These videos will be up on their respective blogs soon—and here too of course! I can’t wait for the grand debut 🙂 In the meantime, here are some behind the scenes photos by our resident cutie pie photographer, Bea Marquez.          

Team TSO shot using the powerful BLACKMAGIC cameras, now making waves in the film, advertising and video production world. Blackmagic Philippines chose to shoot Kelly and Rica because of their very interesting personas. These two were already well known, well established fixtures in the showbiz and modeling industry when they started blogging. Unlike most people who start their blogs just to become famous—-these two girls were already FAMOUS to begin with and decided to create their own respective blogs to use their celebrity status to influence others positively. Through their websites you’ll get a glimpse of their life on cam and off cam, their newlywed adventures, fashion and makeup tips, favorite restaurants, etc. Their blog entries are candid, genuine and refreshing. Bilang kaibigan nila, masasabi kong totoong tao sila at hindi sila apektado sa pagka-sikat nila 🙂 

For this shoot in particular, I was happy to work behind the scenes as Patrick’s personal assistant and alalay to my girls. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my work which allows me to be in front of the camera, half of me also enjoys working on the other side. In fact, when I was a Comm major in college my dream was to be behind the camera because I’ve always had so much respect for the creatives (directors, segment producers, script writers, set designers, stylists, etc). I’m very lucky to be a talent and now even luckier to have a husband who owns a production company so I could exercise my creativity outside of the host/model spotlight from time to time.

I don’t normally accompany Patrick when he has shoots, dahil mang-gugulo lang ako! Imagine me delivering knock knock jokes sa tabi habang nakatutok sa camera si Patrick?!? Chaos! Hahaha!:) Pat is also so blessed to have such an efficient and hardworking team. I’m so confident in Patrick and his solid army of workers, they always wow me with their videos:)

For this shoot, TSO partnered with the Chateau group of restaurants. We shot Kelly’s video on the second floor of SIDEBAR, yep, if you scroll a few posts down you’ll see my blog entry about this cool hang out spot. We shot Rica’s video at the neighboring CAFE 1771, also located in the El Pueblo complex in Ortigas. This has quickly become a favorite because aside from their pretty interiors, their food is quite superb! 

For lunch we sampled their best sellers including: Caesar Salad, Fried Squash Flowers (I was quite surprised with how much I actually liked this!), Spaghetti with Sardines and Fried Capers, Pasta Chorizo, Organic Chicken in Potato Crust, Lime Butter Prawns (my favorite!), Sauteed Sea Bream (the fried risotto was insanely yummy!)and the highlight of course: a mountain of Brownies & Muffins! Well plated and tastefully presented, the food tasted as good as they looked. Aside from their hearty meals, they’re also famous for their desserts! They have a whole range of cakes and pastries—even some happy treats for the sugar conscious people like dieters and diabetics. I hear their breakfast food is awesome too, so maybe I’ll take a trip back to Cafe 1771 one early morning!

It’s a really pretty venue for a memorable birthday gathering, baby/bridal showers, or even corporate functions that would require a bit of dainty-ness and warmth. A big shout out to the wonderfully patient and accommodating manager and waiters who helped make our shoot very easy breezy 🙂 🙂 Mabuhay kayo!!!To review their complete menu, visit the Cafe 1771 Facebook Page. Thank you also Ms. Vannah Santiago for arranging everything for us 🙂 You’re an angel!
It was a very productive work day—mixed with a bit of fun because we worked alongside our friends/coworkers. I promise you guys will get first dibs once their videos are up 🙂 Stay tuned!

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