Behind the Scenes: Fiber and Fruit Shoot

Can I get a woot-woot!?! I am now part of the Fiber and Fruit family!!! I’m so happy to be one of the brand ambassadors of this healthy and refreshing fruit drink. All the fruity flavors are really delicious, but my personal favorite is the PEACH flavored Fiber and Fruit. I must’ve downed at least 3 bottles while having my hair and makeup done. I kept stealing bottles from the cooler! (Shhhh..that’s our little secret!) Since today was the hottest day of the year, it was actually good to shoot some refreshing drinks–at least we had an excuse to drink up to beat the heat! hahaha!
For this shoot, I worked with two of my co-ambassadors–naks, sounds so diplomatic right?–Rockstar Champ Lui-Pio and Actor/Photographer/Divine Lee’s other half Victor Basa. These guys are so easy going and we instantly clicked after a few clicks, here are some of our “happy family photos”.  The shoot was very relaxed and playful, with lots of side comments and jokes in between! Since I’m tiny compared to these two hunks, they had to prop me up through an apple box! Kakahiya! Anyone willing to sponsor my leg implants and give me at least 5 inches of height?? Please???
Paolo Pineda was our photographer for today, one of the easiest and most down to earth photographers I’ve ever worked with. The last time I worked with him was when I was a clueless nene, hopefully I matured in my mowdelling since then! He even sent me such a encouraging tweet which made me soooo kiliiiiiggg especially since Paolo has shot so many big time celebs and models!:) Kung pwede lang, I will frame this tweet! And no, I will not post the photographs from that shoot from 8 years ago–let’s stick to the new and improved Patty, shall we!? 

We had the best (and most entertaining) team of stylists headed by Jasmine Mendiola (my go to girl for natural “ME” looking makeup) and Sidney Yap (who knows my style so well and always encourages me to go sexier than usual by forcing me to squeeze into skin tight dresses and sexy minis! I always have to inhale to fit into his fabulous pieces! HAHAHA!) I’m also thankful that the super supportive Oishi team was there to cheer for us as we tried our best to do some wacky and weird poses! I’m not a professional model, I just do it from time to time– but modeling is a very physically demanding job. Shoots usually last for hours which can be extremely tiring so it’s really such a blessing to have a pool of kind and helpful people around you. It makes it much easier to smile for the camera when you’re in a happy working environment. Sidney and Jasmine are a riot to work with and there’s never a time when I’m “behaved” whenever I work with these two!
The photos of our Fiber and Fruit campaign by Paolo will be out soon and I can’t wait to share it all with you. In the meantime, do your body good and get some Fiber and Fruit at your local grocery 🙂 Woohoo, that’s me and my first attempt at “ambassadoring”! Hihihihi! Go for the peach, I promise you’ll love it too!

4 Responses to Behind the Scenes: Fiber and Fruit Shoot

  1. This one is really good and a must-have daily 🙂 it really helps fight constipation esp to those who work at night. Been recommending this to my friends at work since last year 🙂

    Kyoot and you are the endorser pa.

  2. Hi Patty, your peach lace dress is so nice. I hope you can share where i can get one. Thanks. =)