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Thanks to genetics, I’ve been relatively lucky with my facial skin. I was never completely spot free though, I would have a big red zit or two at least once a month (never fails—always when I get my period!) and just like most girls it would be the biggest bummer of the day trying to cover it up with a concealer.

Other than a bump or two that would clear up eventually in a few days, the only other issue I had with my skin was it’s sensitivity to abrupt climate changes and harsh products which would cause minor eczema flare ups. So for as long as I was in the Philippines with predictable weather and steered clear of harsh makeup and skin products, I was generally on the clear zone on most days. I just kept a simple beauty regimen of 1) Drinking lots of H20 2) No alcohol/ no cigarettes 3) If not needed for work, stay make up free 3) Cleanse thoroughly 2x a day 4) Sleep as much as you can. I didn’t have 100% flawless, perfect skin—but I was very happy and comfortable with my skin condition in general. My skin was healthy and that was good enough for me 🙂

But all this changed about 3 months ago. All of a sudden, I was breaking out zit after zit after zit. It was weird! I kept asking, how is this possible? I was already in my 30s and I was breaking out like a pre-teen! It was bothersome, uncomfortable and sobrang nakaka-BAD TRIP!!!! Girls, I’m sure you can relate. It may sound like a very trivial matter but having acne problems can really dampen your spirits and cause you to feel insecure.

I can attribute this breakout to my lack of sleep (Theo was teething and his normal sleep sched went out of whack for a few weeks!) and increased stress levels (work+home life was overwhelming). My hormones were clearly messed up and it was all manifesting on my face. It was really bugging me down. I knew I could no longer just “google” and self-medicate—I needed to address it with the help of the experts. So I booked an appointment with Dr. Pat Sauler of BELO Medical Group in Westgate Alabang and crossed my fingers and toes for a miracle.

After assessing my skin condition, Doc Pat started me on a custom Belo Acne Program. Since I have combination skin (dry forehead and cheeks, oily/acne prone nose and chin), she had to create a specific regimen for me to follow at home on top of the treatments I would have to do in the clinic. It’s critical you go for a consult before trying any treatment, each face is unique and it’s best to seek the advice of a pro at Belo to work on a custom program just for you!

So for the past month, I’ve been doing the Botanical Cleaning (very gentle using all natural ingredients to exfoliate the skin) combined with a G-Max treatment (a gentle laser treatment which is non-invasive which rejuvenates the skin and lightens dark spots caused by blemishes) in the clinic and using all Belo products for cleansing and toning at home.P1550464

I was being realistic and expected results to come on the 3rd-4th month but woooowwww—I kid you not, just a week into the program, my pimples healed and dried up. By the 2nd week I was back to my normal skin and on the 3rd week it was even healthier than my already healthy skin (before my pimple problems). ANG SAAAARAAAAP to just have freedom over acne!!! I felt like myself again! I signed up for a 3 month program and so I still have about 1.5 months to go and yet, I feel like a mini success story already. So from now on, I will just stay true and loyal to this regimen that I’m on and stay the course because the results have been so steady and solid—it’s hard to jump ship, hehehe.

In our recent trip to Europe, I was barefaced about 95% of the time. I only put lipstick, blush and eyeliner on maybe on 3 occasions! But I wore zero foundation for the entire 2 weeks and managed to look decent (or at least I thought so hahaha). I felt confident to let my pores show because my skin was healthy and breathing. As a busy mama with a baby to care for round the clock, it’s liberating to know that you can look good even with minimal effort.

In the group of photos below, I was absolutely make up free. Not even lipstick. Wala talagang oras. Hahaha! Sure, I don’t look like a goddess but I look happy, right??? I still got a pimple when my period came, but even that zit died an instant death as soon as I put the acne drying cream and zapped it away. Hahaha! I’ll keep you posted on the developments in the coming weeks and share more info on the treatments and products that were assigned to me 🙂 Hopefully you will also be able to find the perfect Belo Acne Program that’s a good fit for you.


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  1. Hi!same here..i’ve been experiencing that too..suddenly i have zit after zit after zit..monthly.hay may gulay…my derma says to observe pa..i’ve been experiencing that after i weaned from breastfeeding suddenly every month i have this huge thing on my face..bka she’ll put me on pills.Lakas mka bagets ng pimple haha..kung kelan 31 na tska nagkaka pimple. Belo prescriptives really does wonders on my skin..and its reasonably priced also.😊 hurray for clear skin Ms. Patty😊

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