#BeloPamperDay for this Mama

As most of you know, Theo and I are happy members of the BELO BABY family. So I was extra ecstatic to find out that the  BELO LOVE would extend to me also (KILIG TALAGA)—and so now that makes me a happy BELO MOM too!!! As a Mother’s Day treat, the folks at Belo Alabang spoiled me rotten with a #BeloPamperDay and gave me the works. I felt like a QUEEN!!!!!

  1. First, I got a BOTANICAL CLEANING. This is an all-natural exfoliating facial that works in a very gentle way. It’s actually a great intro for first timers who are a bit apprehensive to try something new. Since I have combination skin (I usually break out in the T zone and have dry patches on my cheeks and forehead), this was very appropriate for my face. They also took out all my pimple wannabes after! Alleluiaaaa!
  2. Next step, I got a POWERPEEL!!! This is the real deal, you’ll feel like a goddess after. It’s a microdermabrasion treatment that removes all the dead skin cells sitting on your face! All you mamas out there, this is what you need to look “refreshed” and anti-losyang.
  3. And lastly, I was treated to a full body wet&dry microdermabrasion. So basically, what they did to my face—they did it to my whole body!!! Imagine getting all the dead skin out of your body! All those months of pagod, puyat, at pawis because of all your handwork as a mommy—-gone in a flash! They also bathed my skin with antioxidants as well to lock in the moisture and help my skin get stronger.

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On a personal emo note—this came at the most perfect time because when I got the email invitation I was having a really hard week. You know those weeks that refuse to end. When everything just seems heavy and overwhelming. I was so tired from work and sleepless for many nights because Theo’s sleeping sched went out of whack because of his teething pains. My poor baby was extra fussy and waking up at every hour—it left me with heavy eye bags and dull skin.  I was a zombie and I was feeling really ugly and not myself anymore (huhuhuhuhu—no drama, it was the truth!). So to Dra. Vicki,  Cristalle, Dr. Pat, Millie and the rest of the BELO BEAUTY team—you have no idea how much you made this mama so happy.  Moms are always so busy pampering everyone in the family, often times we forget to pamper ourselves. So thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift! The gift of reminding myself that I too matter and that I too deserve some TLC!

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