Bespoke Pieces by Elena Bautista

I was introduced to the Bespoke Pieces of Elena Bautista by my friend, Rissa Mananquil Trillo. She posted a photo on her Instagram feed and I was immediately googly eyed over these custom pieces. 

Elena was kind enough to accommodate me even if she had a ton of orders on her list and made two very special neckpieces for me. One was made especially for my sister Daniela, a gold chain with a dainty little F pendant which stands for “Francesco” (the name of her soon to be born son who is due to come out this December). She just recently celebrated her birthday so I gave this to her as a birthday slash “PUSH” gift. 

The second one is a necklace Elena made just for me with my new initials as Mrs. Filart “PLF”. It’s been dangling on my neck almost everyday since. I added an extender so I can wear it both ways, short and long depending on my mood and collar choice for the day. When I’m dressing low key, I wear it alone and it instantly adds a bit of sparkle to my plain ensemble. When I’m feeling a bit fashion forward, I layer it with other pieces to add more texture and drama. 

I love that this neckpiece is something I could claim as mine and only mine, unless of course your name is Paloma Liana Falafel, then PLF might be your intials too hehehe!! It’s such a beautiful gift idea for the holidays! It’s personal, thoughtful and come on…look..there’s no denying that they’re just so darn puh-retty!!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 Thank you again so much to my darling Elena for making these necklaces for me and Daniela. 

For more styles and choices, visit her Facebook page here . You can also drop by Bonne Bouche in Greenbelt 5 to place an order. If you’re planning to give it as a gift this Christmas, you better place your orders ASAP! It takes about 10 days to process so best to do it early 🙂  

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