While we were busy soaking in the Cebuano sun (and wind—it was surprisingly really windy last week), I received an invitation from Steve Kokseng of the famous Harbour City Dimsum Restaurant so we decided to cut our sunbathing short so we could make our way to Ayala Center Cebu ASAP. How could you refuse OLD SCHOOL AUTHENTIC CHINESE DIMSUM?!?!?!?! Who cares if you’re honeymooning in paradise?!?! When it comes to FOOD, you have to drop everything!  

I had a true “anak ka ng tatay mo” moment. We were served a host of Chinese food–all of them very tasty and delicious, and I was eating like a mini JJ Laurel! Their menu boasts of mainly dimsum specialities. They have several variants of Siomai, Empress Rolls, Spring Rolls, Crab Pincers, Sweet and Sour Pork, Chic-ken Feet, Garlic Pork Spareribs, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Fish, Stuffed Shrimps, Stuffed Taro, Shrimp Toast, Fried Wanton and Fried Shrimp Balls. BUT BUT BUT if there’s one thing you should order, please make it their BEST SELLER: Steamed Fried Rice!!!! Ito palang busog na ako! “We use steamed rice, then we fry it, add some soy, chicken stock and other ingredients for the sauce, and top it with pork and shrimp, and garnish with green peas—it’s actually a meal in itself,” described Chef Uytengsu in an interview for Manila Times

Best of all, they use all natural ingredients and steer clear of MSG which most Chinese restos are notoriously famous for! So you feel BUSOG in a happy way—not in a woozy “ten wheeler truck just hit me” kind of way after devouring all the siomais and lumpias! My mouth is watering right now—PAAAAATTTT!!! Bring me back to CEBU!!!!! Huhuhuhuhu!!!! 

Thanks so much Steve Kokseng for inviting us to Harbour City!!! I can’t wait to check out your sister company, Dimsum Break in SM North Edsa.They serve all the best selling Harbour City favorites here—so this is actually great news for us Manilenos! It was also nice to meet up with good friend Jackie Tan (of Suelas!) and her brother—amazing how small our world is!:)

13 Responses to BEST DIMSUM IN CEBU: Harbour City

  1. The food looks delish!!! Pero I was glued on you on the last picture as in naiinggit ako!! haha you’re a decade older than I am pero mukha ka pa rin Kolehiyala! What’s the secret? hehe

  2. I love love Harbour City! I always remember meals with the family there. I live in Dumaguete so Cebu is pretty near, and even though there’s a lot of food places in Cebu, somehow we gravitate towards that restaurant hihi! Oh, how i miss their dumplings!

  3. Im a big fan of Dimsum House in Ayala and SM Cebu. I live near the 2 malls. As in walking distance! So this is what I miss big time! Eating there while u and Pat is on the next table. Hay, hanggang ngaun ngsisisi p dn ako bat d ako nkchek ng twitter dat afternoon. I could have been there taking photos of u two lovebirds like a big diehard fan! 🙁 pls come to cebu more often. U just dont know how i admire u Ms Patty. Ur my role model, such an inspiration.

  4. Oh my! Did i type Dimsum House???? NOOOO I totally mean HARBOUR CITY!!! Erase Erase Erase! This is totally embarassing! Ndistract yata ako sa pic n me malaking DIMSUM at sa magandang nakaorange (color blind po ako minsan,sana orange nga un suot mo) sa pic eh #angengotengotko

  5.! did you really go there? *faint* it’s my favorite place on earth (other than jollibee)! i eat there at least once a week.

    now i don’t understand how i feel about your post. nasad ko that i didn’t catch you but i am ecstatic to know that you love my favorite place too. [(murag close sa?) that’s how cebuanos talk/ask . . . always with a “sa” as the last word of the sentence.]

    haaaay, you always make me smile, patty. 🙂

    god bless your loving soul. continue shining your light!

  6. THEIR STEAMED FRIED RICE IS TO DIE FOR!!!!! My Cebu trip isn’t complete kung hindi ako nakakakain niyan!!! I’m so happy to learn na na-love at first taste ka sa steamed fried rice ng Harbour City, Miss Patty! :)) I’m a score and a year old now and I’ve been eating it at least once a year (since we always go to Cebu for Sinulog) ever since I was able to eat solid food daw sabi ng Dad ko. Mwahaha 🙂 Harbour City (which I think is formerly called Ding Kwakwa) is heaven on earth! Hehehehe 😀

  7. I wasn’t in Cebu when you went here. I could have met you in person. #fangirlproblems 🙁
    And I love this place! I always eat here. Have you tried their siomai wrapped in bacon? It’s sinfully delish!

  8. Harbour City is the reason I gained so much weight when I spent Christmas in Cebu! Glad you discovered it! I always make it a point to visit the place whenever I’m in Cebu. Did you try the hakao?

  9. Their chili sauce is something…pwedeng i-ulam na sa kanin hehehe… Best try the steamed rice and buchi!!!

    How i wish may lechon din sila kasi mukhang masarap i-pair sa steamed rice.