Best Starts with Dad

When I was just starting to date Patrick, one of the first few things we talked about was his love for his nieces and nephews. He gushed about them non-stop and I was immediately convinced that this fella was really destined to be a good father. Although we don’t have children of our own yet, we’ve been very blessed to have lots of kids to fuss over! The children of our siblings and best friends fill us with so much joy and it’s nice to see Patrick making them lambing as “practice” for the future 🙂 Duma-daddy moves!!!
Jorem and Sky Catilo
I’ve always admired my friends who are young dads taking on the unconventional role of being hands-on fathers. There’s a new wave of fathers who have been debunking old stereotypes of fathers just being financial providers and not really physically and emotionally attaching themselves to their kids. Dads are now more involved in the rearing of their children, pitching in and working hand in hand with their wives to provide a loving and safe environment for their kids to grow up in. From teaching their kids to tie their shoelaces, finish a puzzle, or ride their bikes, Dads are now more focused on the little things that actually matter. Gone are the days of dads just leaving all the “home and family matters” to mothers, now it’s really a team effort for both the dad and mom. It’s a progressive way of thinking but something I definitely support!

Though my own dad is very old-school and generally a conservative kind of guy, I’d like to think he was way ahead of his daddy counterparts when it came to his parenting approach. During our formative years, both of my parents were working. My mom was running her own preschool and my dad was a lawyer. They both had thriving careers yet they managed to stay very hands on with the both of us, distributing the responsibilities of child rearing equally. So I’m banking on Patrick to be an active and ever present dad too just like my dad and his dad too!

Since young dads are more and more active participants in the lives of their offspring, this adds more pressure on their part as they try to manage their careers, marriage, and parenting all at once. It can really take a toll on them physically and emotionally and cause them to burn out too!                      

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Speaking of empowering young dads, it’s so refreshing to hear about Mead Johnson Nutrition‘s efforts to celebrate dads who have dedicated their lives to providing the best starts for their kids. Mead Johnson Nutrition, makers of Enfakid A+ and Lactum 3+6+, recognizes all fathers for wanting to give nothing but the best for their children as they launch the BEST STARTS WITH DAD Campaign on Facebook. This special online campaign can get you a chance to win a MacBook Air, iPhone 5, and Ipad Mini just by honoring the DADS in your families! All you have to do is share your father and child photo this May 14-June 11 at You can even get a FREE photo shoot for your kids with their dad (follow for details) and use it as an entry. Visit the Shangri-La Plaza Atrium on May 18-19 and get that Best Start father and child moment captured on camera! Check out this heartwarming video from Mead Johnson that features real dads (not actors) and their message of hopes and wishes to their children.

Blogger’s note: This is sponsored post is to promote the Father’s Day campaign only and is not an endorsement for infant formula milk. Breastmilk is still best for babies 2 years and under. 🙂

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