Birthday Time, Zexy Style.

My BFF Alessa celebrated her 29th birthday by preparing a 5 course vegan dinner for 29 of her closest girlfriends..including ME of course! I looked forward to this party all week long!!! Even when we were younger, Alessa would always be known as our group’s best “party-thrower” (if that’s even a term) but I could tell that this affair was going to be more intimate and special. I picked up my fellow southerners Nicole and Kathleen and we braved the traffic to get to PIPINO in Teacher’s Village, QC. Alessa has always been known for her impeccable taste and it showed in even the most minute details. We absolutely loved ALL the dishes she prepared for us. The plating was so creative and the flavors were oh-so-delish! Snap-snap, sister! Hahaha!:) Well done, Zexy! You can read more about her party preps here
If there’s one person who’s been a constant in my life for many years, other than my family of course, it would be Alessa Libongco-Lanot. (Actually magka-level sila halos ni Kuya Reynante, our faithful family driver!) We have a twin connection like no other, she’s always thinking what I’m thinking and vice versa. Just recently, she started a new blog entitled LIFE AFTER BREAKFAST. I’m not saying this with any buddy bias, but it’s helluva awesome!!! Oh no, I promised myself I’d refrain from using “Awesome” and “Epic”–the two most overused words of the year..but I couldn’t help it, Awesome is what it is. If you’re looking for your daily fix of creativity and positivity, this should be on your bookmark page. She was hesitant at first to start it, but as her stage blog mom..I practically FORCED her to blog! Hahaha! As you know, Alessa designed this blog (and also my previous blog) and I’ve been getting so many raves about the pretty watercolor art on my banner (Yep, she hand painted all those pretty details!)’ll see more of her artworks and design projects on her site. So excited for you to finally get to know my bestest buddy in the whole wide universe..she’s my Life Mojo Booster Extraordinaire! Wooohoooo!!!

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