Blast from the Past:The First Day High Movie

My split second scene with my “Dad” Michael de Mesa.
                        Look at me I’m OOOO..OOO..OOO..OOZING WITH EMOTIONS!!!!!!!
via Dre Gonzales
My Twitter feed was flooded with “Brainy High tweets” this morning so I decided to switch the channel to ABS CBN, lo and behold—the First Day High Movie from 2006 magically appeared on the screen! I had two little scenes (about 15 seconds in total) which was soooo BAD it was GOOD!!! What an achievement! Wooohooooo!!! That makes me an ACTRESS!! I think I should update my resume and put—teacher, host, and MOVIE STAR. Hahahaha! 🙂

11 Responses to Blast from the Past:The First Day High Movie

  1. i felt so certain it was you in that scene patty, but i thought not because you said you never had an acting experience, but hey, yes it was you! hahaha

  2. ikaw pala yun?! haha, didn’t notice that it was you until now. i’m looking forward to watching more movies with you in it! 🙂

  3. Was watching TV one morning and when I switched the channel, lo and behold Patty Laurel as brainy high girl giving Geoff Eigenmann 100,000 pesos. Yaman! 🙂

  4. Haha.. I was surprised to see the GREAT PATTY LAUREL in this movie.. I kept on saying, “Si Patty ba un?” , “Oh si Patty nga.”.. hehe you look so brainy high here..