Blessed by Strangers

To my dear readers, THANK YOU for being so generous with your encouraging words. I know I say it A LOT at siguro sawang-sawa na kayo, but I do appreciate each and every letter that appears on my inbox. Often times, I even forward it to Patrick just so he could read your sweet love letters too. I had a pretty rough day so this was one letter that really lifted my spirits. Just thankful to hear that God has been working in this reader’s marriage too. 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for assuring me that this blog (no matter how simple and shallow at times) actually does have its purpose. This letter was a really good reminder for me today. 

One Response to Blessed by Strangers

  1. Wow! All this time i thought na hindi mo nabasa ang mail 🙂 then this! Thank you ms. Patty!