Happy First Birthday, Belo Baby!!!

Happy First Birthday, Belo Baby!!!

As cliche’ as it sounds, times does fly so fast especially when you start having kids. To celebrate the first birthday of Belo Baby, I decided to rummage through our old pictures by Zeus Martinez and luckily, I found this gem of a photo. This was shot just a few months after Kelly and I…Continue Reading

Liana X Nara’s Birthday Bash

Liana X Nara’s Birthday Bash

The two darlings of #BabyBarangay, Liana and Nara, recently celebrated their 4th and 2nd birthday in a joint birthday bash. Kudos to Cat and Bianca for executing this party so perfectly! It was so well-balanced and thoughtfully planned that both kids&adults actually enjoyed. Because the kids were all happily busy in their respective play “stations”, we had…Continue Reading

Beers and Burgers

Beers and Burgers

Just a few snapshots from the chill BBQ bash that “Wife of The Year” Nikki organized for her darling, BJ. 🙂 🙂 Great food, great company—and WINNER GAMES!!! Check out the big smiles on these photos. Thanks again to the Alberts for having us. Continue Reading

My Current Beauty Obsessions

Hi Folks! It’s been forever since my last beauty post (hence the un-beauty bloggerness of this blogger), but I thought of posting the products that I’ve been LOVING for the past 2 months. Ever since I became a mom at 32, I had to implement a few changes in my regimen. I find myself switching…Continue Reading

February 2017 with Theo

Photo by Little People Photography The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur with my Lola Inday’s passing last Feb 24. I have been going through the motions of my everyday life since then but then there would be some pockets of time where I’m either just staring blankly into space or just crying…Continue Reading

The Bloomsbury Set by Jo Malone

The Bloomsbury Set by Jo Malone

The new collection that’s sure to make us all go bonkers is THE BLOOMSBURY SET by Jo Malone. A word of caution to the die hard Jo Malone fanatics, you might want to start saving for this collection which launches this month. I have a feeling this set will sell out pretty fast, so you…Continue Reading



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