Break Free with Human Nature

What’s not to love about HUMAN NATURE?! They’re PRO PHILIPPINES, PRO POOR, PRO ENVIRONMENT. And the plus side—their products are actually puh-retty good and reasonably priced. Aside from providing livelihood for highly skilled and talented Pinoys in impoverished areas, their products are all natural and earth friendly—it’s gentle enough for your body/hair/face and gentle enough for the environment too! To read more about their inspiring company, please click HERE

The lovely girls of Human Nature invited me to BREAK FREE with their brand new product, the 100% All Natural Clarifying Shampoo at Blo Serendra. It was raining cats and dogs last Monday but I was determined to still go—all in the name of vanity! Hahaha! But then again, with all the GOOD WORK Human Nature does for the environment and for their workers, prettifying now has a positive tag attached to it. 

Patrick was kind enough to drop me off at BLO just before his meeting. I was greeted by the lovely staff and immediately whisked away to have my shampoo and blowdry pampering. The Blo stylist Arianne used the Clarifying Shampoo on my hair (see how luxurious that lather is!) and followed it up with the Natural Strengthening Conditioner in Peppermint (which smelled so good!). He then styled my hair ala-Pillow Talk, a loose wavy look, one of the 7 signature BLO styles. 
Allow your hair to breathe free from chemical shampoos and styling products, environmental heat and stress with our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo! Another groundbreaking formulation straight from our Natural Care Labs, its luxuriously foamy lather rivals those of chemical shampoos – without the risk to your health or Mother Earth. All-natural fruit acids help eliminate build-up and impurities while betaine and aloe vera soothe your scalp and moisturize your strands for hair that’s light, bouncy, and oh-so-soft!

Chemical-laden conditioners can make your hair smooth and shiny now, but years of use can actually do more harm than good to your locks. Our Natural Strengthening Conditioner is 100% free from harmful chemicals and infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein that helps fortify hair strands to reduce both breakage and hair fall. A rich fusion of sunflower, avocado and soybean oil keeps your hair healthy, soft, and shiny with less tangles to worry about.
It was so nice to spend my rainy Monday morning with the girls of Human Nature headed by Mrs Anna Meloto-Wilk and Mermaid/Brand Ambassador Ana Oposa. Just listening to their inspiring stories about the brand made me realize that it is indeed possible to marry your values with your business—to create products that not only make your customers happy but your workers and the environment as well! I’m road-testing the clarifying shampoo and so far so good! 🙂

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