Breakfast with Philam Life

What I love most about our #BabyBarangay WhatsApp group is that we can talk about anything and everything under the sun. At 9AM we would be texting about hair cuts and color, come 11:15 our topic would be about cinnamon sticks and by 8:35PM we’d all be laughing about our favorite hip-hop songs back in the early 2000s when we were once “cool”. Although Bianca and her husband Uli are still COOL and I don’t think that can ever be erased. Hahaha! But in between all our random kwetuhan as girlfriends, you’ll see us constantly talking about our kids. It’s inevitable these days as the “mom” tag is so much attached to us—in a good way of course! We love being moms and we love being moms together in this group. So one of the perks of having this barkada is that we can try new things together. It’s an exciting season in our life–at the starting lines of parenthood! It does make all the difference to have good and trusted friends to do life with.

Like I mentioned previously, we were invited by Philam Life to a very relaxed round table discussion at SPARK. We loved meeting the adorable mother and daughter tandem, Ces and Genie Melendres. They were so engaging and accommodating, answering all our questions thoroughly and in terms that I could actually understand! Hahaha! Anyone is welcome to drop by the SPARK by Philam Life at Net Lima on the corner of 26th and 5th ave. near Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) and have a nice chat with a Philam Life advisor. Or if you don’t live in the area, you can simply visit their website and arrange for a personal meeting with an agent near you.

Since all of us are moms to young kids, the Philam Life team thought it best to introduce Future Scholar which works best for us at this time in our parenting journey. “Future Scholar gives you guaranteed educational benefits and long term growth potential through access to expertly managed funds.” Because Philam Life is the country’s most trusted insurance provider, you can be sure that your hard earned money will be protected and carefully set aside for the education for your child. You can scroll further down for more information as to how this program works!


I am definitely giving this plan a lot of thought! It looks like such a wise and thoughtful investment for our family 🙂 I’d like to thank Philam Life for inviting us and for taking the time to really explain each detail to us. Patrick and I are now even more excited to plan for Theo’s future!

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