Bridal Boutique

So my 1 year old inaanak Stella invited me and her mom Marge to the first fitting of her wedding dress….HAHAHAHAHA! I think I just gave her dad RG a heart attack! I kid, I kid! But seriously, look at that face, she’s going to break daddy’s heart when she walks down the aisle when she turns…25?? 35?? Okay fine, I think RG doesn’t want to even discuss this so let’s move on. HAHAHA. 🙂

Friends and now Co-Owners, Kristine Ongcuangco and Tina Zamora, invited us to their newly opened Bridal Boutique a few weeks back and it was like I was a bride all over again!!!! I secretly whispered to Marge while we oggled over the dresses,  “I hope Pat proposes again so I can get married again! HAHAHA”. The shop itself is so small, sweet and tastefully decorated—you’ll want to make some random excuse just to hang there. It is located in a posh condominium at the Fort which makes it very accessible for most Metro Manila based clients.

Tina shares, “Bridal Boutique is home to luxury “ready-to-wed” and custom-made gowns. We wanted to make the process of searching for the best wedding dress to be as enjoyable as it can and should be, by providing not only impeccable formal wear but fantastic personalized service as well. ” 

Their expertise is wedding gowns (both RTW and custom) but they do cater to other needs as well, I actually dropped by to have a dress made for my friend’s wedding. “We have a selection of “ready-to-wed” dresses and a team of talented designers that can create formal wear for both men and women. Adjusting to each clients’ style preferences and occasion requirements, they can create dresses and suits for them without losing their own eye for design and detail. Preferably, for custom made wedding dresses and entourage it would be best to contact us 6-8 months in advance. For “ready-to-wed” they can come in 2-4 months in advance to leave enough time to make possible adjustments to the dresses.”

I browsed through their ready-to-wed pieces and they were all so dreamy! Each intricately designed and well taken care of at the racks of Bridal Boutique:) As much as I love designer clothes and see the value of having them custom made to suit you to a tee, I also am a fan of RTW. I was a happy RTW bride myself back in 2012 (different brand)! I was confident and comfortable in my RTW gown and received a lot of raves back then. Huhuhuhuhu please come back to me small waist!!!

Their price range at Bridal Boutique is actually quite competitive, they have RTW gowns starting at 25,000 only and their custom gowns start at 50,000! It all depends on the fabric, embellishments and style of course 🙂

I recommend you book an appointment with the Bridal Boutique team so you can experience their personalized service first hand. You can contact them through our mobile number 0915-232-8380 or email at! Thanks again Tina and Kristine and the amazing designers of Bridal Boutique for working on this flirty number for me 🙂 You guys are amazing!


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