Bringing back my body’s MOJO through the JUJU

I’ve been quite reckless with my eating over the summer (well, to be honest..I’ve been a reckless eater all my life as evidenced by my Junk Food post just a few days ago) and I was starting to feel weaker and unhealthier than usual. I have never been over/underweight but I was never completely “fit” either.  I felt like my body was screaming for a detox, it was an overwhelming feeling..a big bad blehkkk. Luckily, I chanced upon the Juju Cleanse through Amanda’s blog. I decided to do more personal research about this Juice Cleanse through their website . Upon reading all the benefits of the Juju Cleanse, I was convinced that this was the tiny gift I needed to give my weary body.
Basically, the JUJU CLEANSE is a Just Juice Fasting Program. “Each Juju Cleanse kit contains a day’s worth of freshly pressed, nutrient-rich drinks to keep you nourished while you put aside your spoon and fork for the day and give your digestive system a much needed break.” Benefits include: boosting your immune system, highly alkalizing for ph balance, promotes clearer skin, increases energy and fertility, reverses signs of aging, etc.
I texted Kat Azanza and told her that I was a newbie in the whole juice diet world. She was very warm and accommodating, and answered all my concerns about the cleanse and even gave me suggestions. The juices are delivered fresh right at your doorstep. They also have 4 pickup locations in the metro which is very accessible to almost anyone: Bel Air 2, Ayala Alabang, Valle Verde 4, New Manila. All you have to do is send a text a few days before your intended cleanse schedule 0917-576-3012 or send them an email.
Here’s my JUJUrnal 🙂

 6:30 AM 

I woke up extra early today, feeling excited about the Juju Cleanse Program and anxious about the Dallas-Miami NBA game. I decided to take the sprigs of mint (which they provided) and fix myself a cup of hot tea to calm my nerves. I carefully read the information packets that came along with my Cleanse Kit. It was very helpful and made me even more gung-ho to start the cleanse.

8:15 AM 

The Green Bomb: This first bottle was Shrek in color and looked quite intimidating. It’s a good thing I was too distracted watching the basketball game, I was able to gulp it down in 2-3 goes. I had to down a whole glass of water after just to cleanse my palate of the aftertaste. For veggie lovers, this should be an easy breezy one for you 🙂

               Since alkalinity is what we’re after, this green juice is the way to go. This elixir of assorted green veggies loads you up with important nutrients and enzymes that our bodies desperately need to keep alive and well down to the cellular level. You’ve heard the term “life force”? This is all that and more!              

10:05 AM 

The Spicy Lemonada: A marriage of both tangy and spicy. I call this the split personality drink. It comes into your mouth cool and refreshing, just like any lemonade..then it surprises you with a fireball kick after. My throat felt parched and refreshed at the same time! I actually enjoyed this drink and had no problem downing it in one go.

           Not just your ordinary lemonade, this version packs a little extra heat and health into every sip with cayenne pepper. This drink aims not only to swing your body pH into a more alkaline state but to speed up your metabolism as well. 

10:55 AM 
THE DALLAS MAVERICKS WON!!!!! Thank you Kidd, Terry, Barea, and my favorite Wowoweetzki! I was juggling errands and two meetings in the morning while trying to keep track of the NBA score. You can imagine that by this time, I was feeling extremely hungry..craving for my usual tapa with garlic rice breakfast. But I persevered, praying to the diet heavens to help me survive my hunger pangs. I even had a meeting in a coffee shop and I had to muster the strength to look the other way when I saw that sexy carrot cake waving hello to me! Ang landi ng carrot cake na yan!!!

12:45 PM
The Red Giant: As soon as I got home from my meetings, I was actually looking forward to my next Juju Juice. The third juice was quite an exotic mix of flavors. It came in a bold red color thanks to the beets packed into each bottle. I noticed that I was peeing more than usual, which actually made me feel good. It was so surprising to see the detoxification process working so quickly!

            Rich in alkaline elements that aid in cleansing and elimination, this potent potion of beets, pineapple, carrots and ginger is as healthy as it is delicious.
2:30 PM 
On my way to the bank, I walked by a Jolli Jeep and smelled the freshly cooked banana-Q and shed a little tear. Next time, my friend…next time. 

3:30 PM
The Alkazest: The name alone makes you feel it’s awesomeness. Doesn’t it sound like a superhero’s name…ALKAZEST!!! Hahaha 🙂 Well, it really felt like a super juice, that’s for sure. This one has to be my favorite. It felt like Boracay in a bottle, but a good kind of Boracay and not a “I can’t remember what happened last night” Boracay. It had a great tropical vibe that instantly lifted my hungry, hungry spirits. 
Juju Cleanse’s Kat Azanza sent me a personal text to check up on me! She’s such a sweetie, she gave me the encouragement I needed to get me through the day 🙂
           This vitamin and anti-oxidant rich mix of grapefruit, pineapple, and coconut juices is a refreshing mid-afternoon picker upper. It is designed to replenish your electrolytes and boost your energy levels to help you get through the rest of the day.
6:00 PM
The Green Bomb: So, greenie…we meet again.
8:00 PM

The Salabat Lemon: The perfect way to end a long day of Juicing. I’ve been a Salabat drinker for years, especially during sore throat and cough season in school, so this was easy for me to digest.

This potent ginger tonic is an excellent expectorant providing relief for those with respiratory problems, it helps improve circulation and stimulates your digestive system as well. This is a wonderful drink on ice and is also perfect warmed up as a pre-bedtime tea. 

There are several cleanse programs available, it all depends on your body’s needs and current physical condition. I opted to go slow and start with the one-day cleanse. I’m not a health buff and I don’t even exercise (yes, yes, enough with the nagging please! I will get my fat ass into a gym someday!) so I didn’t want to shock my body. The one-day cleanse is perfect for people like me who just need to recalibrate their bodies, a springboard for better health choices. It’s like going on a retreat (only this time it’s physical more than spiritual), it wakes you up and makes you rethink your food choices. It doesn’t change you’s actually giving your body a time out, a break from all the junk you digest on a daily basis. I’m positive I’ll be munching on some sweets and chips real soon, but now I’d like to keep it all in moderation. (I can hear all my friends snickering right now. “Woooshhoooo Patty, sinabi mo na yan dati! Ang takaw-takaw mo kaya, di ka na magbabago!”) I’m not kidding myself, it’ll be hard to change my old habits..but I will try my very best to take better care of my body and to take “time outs” like this more often to rest my organs. I feel lighter and cleaner now, thanks to Juju!

I’m giving away a complimentary ONE-DAY JUJU CLEANSE to 1 Lucky Blog Reader!!!
All you have to do is answer this simple question in 3 sentences:

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    I’m such a huge fan! 🙂

  2. My mom makes really good green smoothies (juju’s “green bomb”). It’s nice to have it every so often even if you’re not doing the whole cleanse. I can give you a recipe if you’re interested. 🙂

  3. thanks for sharing this would really be nice if i can try out the juju cleanse as i really feel i need a detox. i haven’t been eating healthy for one – junk food and unhealthy meals. i’ve been feeling bogged down the last couple of weeks due to stress and 70-hour work weeks.

  4. hi pat! Ü

    i luckily (i supposed. Ü) found your blog while searching about juju cleanse and i am so happy that you’re giving some away. Ü i will send an entry with finger crossed (Ü)and i hope i can be the lucky one. hehehe