Brunch at Maple

When I was a young girl, I used to get teased a lot for being “BUNDAT”. My tummy was somehow not proportionate to the rest of my body. Thankfully my “BUNDAT” stomach is not as visible as it used to be, but it still magically expands from time to time. I call it a gift from God—extra storage space perfectly suited for a foodie like me. Last Friday we were invited to try the All Day Breakfast restaurant in the new wing of Shangrila Mall—MAPLE, and again, I was so thankful for my expandable tummy!:) 

Before I proceed to make your mouths water with the food, let me give you a little info about their interiors. Patrick and I just recently finished watching the HISTORY CHANNEL’S The Men Who Built America—so I’m obviously still on a Rockefeller-Carnegie-JP Morgan high now. For some reason, this restaurant reminded me of America in the early 1900s but with a modern twist. The colors were warm and cozy, which feels like a nice, crisp autumn day. Their seats shout comfort, making sure your butt rests properly so you could fully enjoy your meal.
Each guest receives 1 complimentary maple glazed bread roll upon ordering but because it’s so addicting, customers tend to order more (at a minimal fee)! Being the annoying foodie blogger that I am, I was busy taking photos of the house blend iced tea (super refreshing with real orange slices!) when Patrick said to me “WOW, GRABE!!” of course I didn’t mind him at first then he said it again “BABE, GRABE ‘TO! TRY IT!!!!” so that’s when I actually took a bite of the bread roll and OMG!!! Grabe nga!!! Patrick wasn’t exaggerating after all! How could bread taste so good?!?! Hahaha! Apparently it’s such a hit that people even request for a special take home order of bread rolls—i took home 3 pieces! Hehehe!
The MAPLE team is headed by their YOUNG Chef Patrick Corpuz. His experience in the kitchen is quite impressive, especially since he’s 5 years younger than me! (Ladies, a little birdie told me that he’s single and available!Hehehe) He walked us through each dish, carefully explaining how each ingredient was sourced and used. This dude knows his food. 
Before you set foot at Maple, let me warn you about their servings. Their quite big. I mean, I EAT A LOT but I was overwhelmed by their portions too! These portions are meant for sharing 🙂 What I suggest is for each family member to order something different so you get to try the different dishes. This way you’re not stuck with just one BIG dish. Hehe. For a better battle plan, you could visit the Maple Facebook Page to review their menu.

We ordered PRIME RIB TAPA, HUEVOS RANCHEROS, TRUFFLE PASTA. Just thinking about the calories we had to take in—ay caramba!!!! 

The Prime Rib Tapa is their most in demand dish, we were there during lunch time and the place was packed. And in each table there were at least 2-3 orders of this tapa. This is the dish that people are willing to line up for. It’s a Pinoy twist to the American Steak and Eggs 🙂

The Huevos Rancheros was a surprise treat for me and Patrick. We both love Mexican food, but this was my first time to have Mexican for breakfast. A whole barkada of vegetables, Beans, Chicken, Tacos, CHEEEEESE—super filling and muy delicioso!

The Truffle Pasta was heavenly!!!! If you want something out of the Breakfast menu, this will definitely satisfy your cravings for something RICH and CREAMY! And honestly, how could you go wrong with truffles?!!?

They even have a kid friendly corner! A++++ for moms and dads 🙂
For dessert (well sort of!) We had the Fluffy Swiss Chocolate Pancakes and Vanilla Milkshake—the combo of all combos!!! Next time I’ll try their Stuffed French Toast and Waffles naman, I’ll blog about those staples for sure 🙂
And the CROUGHNUT craze has hit Maple too! But their croughnut is a bit more luxurious than the others, it’s smothered with a rich Belgian chocolate ganache, crushed nuts, and a scoop of ice cream on top. PLUS you’ll taste a bit of bananas and custard in between the layers. Hayyy. You will forget your name when you have this!!!!! According to Chef Pat, he uses grapeseed oil in deep frying the croughnuts making it feel light and free from that oily “nakakasuya” taste. 

Overall, it was a very HAPPY TUMMY experience! Thank you Kar Monedero, Chef Patrick and the rest of the MAPLE TEAM for stuffing us with EXCELLENT food!!!:)

2/FL San Antonio Plaza Arcade, Forbes Park
L/GL Shangri-La Plaza, East Wing

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  1. Wow! I was actually waiting for the restaurants to open on that wing! Sooo happy that it’s super close to where we live and can visit the area from time to time 🙂