Brunchissimo at The New Ponti

We have a little family called the THURSDAY GROUP, which really is our Bible Study group/WhatsApp Kalokohan group. We’ve been through so many big and mini milestones with these people and really consider them our support system 🙂 It’s great to have a steady group of friends that work equally hard, go through similar career/personal struggles, and are grounded by the same principles and values. They’re our kapwa-foodies, prayer warriors, and all around buddies. Corny kung corny, but Pat and I love these peeps so much!

To celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, we decided to get together before the year ends. I’ve been hearing so many great reviews about the new Il Ponticello (still in Valero Street, Salcedo Village but now with an even sexier new look) and so when I was planning our little party, this seemed like the perfect fit for us. Especially since we all love BRUNCH food, okay, we just like FOOD in general, but only GOOD FOOD–which thankfully, PONTI definitely had! The Brunchissimo Menu of PONTI had 90% winners which is a very, very, very rare case indeed. I was fully satisfied from start to finish and that’s a total of 12 dishes sampled! And all my friends agreed too. Lahat masarap, lahat bumenta. Oh and by the way, I think they still have an on-going promo with Deal Grocer for this Brunchissimo special menu! Just click HERE 🙂 Thanks again to Mae Dichupa, Chef Panky  the rest of the NEW PONTI TEAM for hosting our barkada brunch and for even styling it so beautifully for us! We even had personalized menu cards, awww.


The boys figuring out how to play a new game on their phones. Or something geeky like that.


Our resident fashionista, Sam, touching up on her nails before the rest arrive. Hehe!P1250729 P1250703

The Pats.P1250732

Our Brunchissimo Menu. To make it more fun, we ordered all the dishes on the menu to share family-style which was actually a pretty good idea because we were able to sample EVERYTHING!


Mrs. Valenciano, Mrs. Kairuz, Mrs. Filart and the soon to be Mrs. Kaimo.


Double Pat cheers. We had a total of 4 Pats at this party! Hahaha!P1250754 P1250694

Guys, Nikki is a serious foodstagrammer! That’s 5 grown men helping her achieve the “proper lighting” for her tinapay shot. ART. HEHEHEHE

Star Wars discussions.

P1250767Truffle Cheese and Mushroom Fritata. Ahhhhh, anything with truffle is a sure hit for me.


Chef Panky Lopez was kind enough to walk us through each item on the menu. He gave introductions before each dish was served which made us enjoy the food even more!


We all got the PURPLE memo. Sasayaw kami mamaya.P1250757

Ponti’s version of the classic Eggs Benedict. This is a very filling brunch choice 🙂


I am telling you now, THE BEST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE will not be getting married, having kids, or finding your dream job. THIS my friends, THIS will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself in this lifetime: Eat All You Can Pancetta Arrotolata. (You can enjoy free flowing Pancetta if you book the promo via Deal Grocer.)


The most perfect bacon in the history of all bacon-kind!!!


Pat, Pat and Pat


Another best selling dish perfect for pasta lovers, this Carbonara Lasagna is really a comfort food dish.P1250806Happy smiles= Happy tummies

Tuscan Polpottone is a Meat Loaf dish with a special Italian twist. P1250841P1250834 P1250820P1250696

Nikki, BJ, MarioP1250892

Krissy and Patty

Roberta, Indy and MiguelP1250894

Porchetta with Pilaf Rice, another Ponti winner, this was lovingly roasted for 6 hours!


Halfway through our brunch we were falling deeper and deeper in love with Chef Panky’s cooking! They kept feeding us good food!


Awwwwww, lovebirds sharing the Porchetta.P1250862 P1250870 P1250827

Nikki obviously cracking me up like mad with her cute Ryzza Mae stories! I LOVE RYZZA MAEEEEE, by the way!P1250880P1250883 P1250881

Mario attacking the Porchetta Plate.


My nerdy husband.

Everyone loved the chill vibe at Ponti. It’s really the perfect setting for intimate barkada get togethers.P1250907

DESSERT!!! Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!!!!! Cheat Day TALAGA!P1250912

P1250916 P1250926

Walang na tira sa tiramisu. SOOO GOOD especially with the Nutella shots!


Cheers to an awesome 2015! God has been so faithful to each person in this group in 2014, and we know that he has even more surprises for us next year!



Soon to be weds, kilig!!!


Thank you again Il Ponticello for such a wonderful BRUNCHISSIMO experience!!!

If you’d like to learn more about the new PONTI, visit their FB Page HERE 🙂


 And we ended with a barkada selfie grabbed from Sam’s phone! 🙂


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