Buddha Bar Manila

Cue Dramatic Bond music. Tenenentenenen. 
Here’s a photo of James and I having some drinks before dinner.
Patty (in my sultry voice): “So..James, you come here often?”
James Bond: “Yeah, I’ve been here about 3 times already. Just last month, a friend celebrated his birthday here. Sobrang saya namin!!!!!”
SHOCKER SPOILER ALERT: James Bond does not speak Tagalog. And that’s NOT ME. I know it’s hard to believe because the resemblance is uncanny but yes folks she is just my doppleganger. Bwahahahaha!:) 🙂
Ok fine, so I did not star in a James Bond movie..but the restaurant I’m about to blog about certainly made me feel like I was a glamorous bond girl!And besides my husband’s full name is James Patrick soooooo….it could be James *cough..Patrick..cough* Bond! Hahaha, too painful of a push, ey? ANYWAY. Let me just rave about Buddha Bar in Manila! For the exquisite interiors alone, I would definitely rate this with a solid 5 stars. Since it’s located in the middle of a busy part of the metro, you are actually shocked upon entering. It’s almost like being transported to a different world! It’s opulent, decadent, and completely lavish from floor to ceiling—even their bathrooms were so impressive, I wanted to hang out a bit longer than usual. 
Buddha Bar Manila is an original franchise of the world renowned high end bar chain. “Conceived by French native Raymond Visan, the Buddha brand is a global one that was launched back in 1996 and has kept its tradition of being the place to see and be seen in. And while Buddha-Bar thrives on “exclusivity,” it does cater to a wide range of patrons. For people-on-the-go, the Buddha-Bar Manila has especially designed the Early Bird and After Work offerings which might surprise you. But for those who are out for a longer rendezvous, an Asian Pacific Rim menu with the perfect blend of zesty Asian sweets and lavish French excellence awaits.”

We had a quick tour around the sprawling restaurant with Arianne and Chad, the very accommodating BB Manila representatives who arranged this special dinner for me and my friends. After the tour we were greeted by the friendly Chef Soc Santos who prepared all the best selling dishes for us to try. All the dishes served were superb but my personal favorites were:

1) Thai Style Red Curry  Shrimp

If there’s one thing I would order again–it would be this. I love Thai food and Chef Soc did such a beautiful job of blending the curry with coconut sauces without overpowering the shrimp. 
2)Pork Spare Ribs with Asian BBQ sauce 
This was cooked to perfection and a favorite of the boys. Comfort food for the MEN in our group.
3)Their exciting sushi selection 
Who doesn’t like sushi?? (“We don’t!!!”-Innocent tuna fish swimming in the sea) Buddha Bar is well known for their sophisticated sushi concoctions. These are actually perfect as finger foods  (well, you still have to use chopsticks!) while lounging at the bar. Patrick loved their vegetarian sushi the best!

4)Chocolate Sesame Bar
This was a very interesting dessert, it’s a bit nutty and goes well with the chocolate. 
5) Buddha Bar Signature Iced Tea
Upon entering we were each given a cold glass of their iced tea. I wasn’t expecting anything fabulous..after all it was just a glass of the most mundane drink ever. Then I took a sip and I felt sorry for judging it! It was so refreshing and fruity!!! A far cry from the standard iced tea we’ve all grown accustomed to.

After dinner we decided to have some wine at the rooftop/pool deck which was SPECTACULAR by the way! If you want to WOW your guests for your next birthday, I suggest you book this venue. The soothing tracks of the original Buddha Bar compilation in the background will take you to a whole new level of cool!
Thank you again so much to Buddha Bar Manila for being such gracious hosts! 
For bookings and inquiries, visit www.buddhabarmanila.com 🙂

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  1. Ozome place! I wanna be here on my bday! Any info re rates or package deals there? Would appreciate it if you reply =)