Cafe Mary Grace in Terminal 3


I love traveling but I dread waiting at the airport. The waiting game before boarding is always my least favorite part, especially now that we have an active toddler with us. Thankfully, Theo is a trooper and always in a good mood when we travel (Alleluia)—but he’s super stimulated when he’s in a new place so his energy levels just rise up by 5 points! Hahaha! This mama has to muster all the creativity in the world to come up with ways to entertain Theo whenever we are at the airport. It’s basically me singing and dancing “Wheels on The Bus” ten times then changing it to “Wheels on the Monster Cement Mixer” hahaha. Desperate times call for desperate LYRICS.  So when we discovered an actual MARY GRACE restaurant in Terminal 3, it was like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. And mind you, it’s not just a kiosk or stall–but a proper restaurant, complete with all the cozy fixtures you would find in your favorite Cafe Mary Grace. The added feature though is the resort-like lounging deck outside which is perfect for weary travelers.

When you get to Terminal 3, you can enter through GATE 6 at departures. You can choose to check-in before your meal or check-in after—It’s a free world, guys, do as you please! Hahaha! It’s easily accessible from the check in gates and is located on the 4th floor of the Terminal 3 Airport. It’s the perfect restaurant to have a nice send off for a balikbayan or foreign visitor too. But for families that just want to make sure their kids are well-fed with good old comfort food (a strategy to banish the bad vibes during the flight)—Mary Grace will definitely be the winner for you. And sarap-sarap lang talaga ng Mary Grace!!! Can I hear a “Oh yeah” from the ladies in the house??? Hahaha!

We ordered our favorites on the menu—Dulong Pate with Batard Bread, Grilled Ensaymada and Hot Chocolate, Longganisa and Kesong Puti Sandwich, Tapa and Garlic Rice, and of course we couldn’t leave without our takeout boxes of their signature Cheese Rolls and Food For The Gods. They packed it very neatly in an airplane-friendly package for me and surprise, surprise! It survived the 3.5 hour flight to Singapore and served as our breakfast and merienda for the following day. The Baked Goods Takeout Counter opens as early as 7am! The actual cafe is open from 8AM-10PM. You can follow them on IG @cafemarygrace and visit Here are some snaps from our pre-departure food trip 🙂

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