Casa Marcos

There’s always something comforting about authentic Spanish food. It’s the cuisine you ditch your diet for and just eat to your hearts content. And all this can be found in Burgos Circle BGC in the family run CASA MARCOS. Yep, it’s the exact same CASA MARCOS that our parents grew up to. Go ahead and ask your dad/mom and I’m pretty sure the floodgates of old school mems will open upon hearing the words “Casa Marcos”. To this day, my dad’s mouth still waters when he remembers the Chicken in Casa Marcos. Hehehe 🙂
Two Fridays ago after an intense Pilates workout, Kelly, Nicole and I met up with Joei and Karen for a big girlfriends lunch in Casa Marcos hosted by Muffin Galvez. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you would know that I’m suffering from fitness schizophrenia—in one post I’m working out and the next post I’m eating like crazy. Shedding the pounds so I can pack on some more?!?! Well, like I said although I try to be more conscious about my food intake for health reasons—but we all know that there are moments when you just have to loosen up a bit and indulge, especially when we are taking about CASA MARCOS.  Just a whiff and you’re sold!
Each dish we ordered was bold in flavors, using only the finest ingredients and techniques. And almost everything from the gambas, clams and to the Pepito steaks were smothered in Olive Oil and Garlic—two of my favorite ingredients ever! Olive Oil and Garlic just makes everything taste better—well, except for ice cream of course. Garlic here, Garlic there! Kelly and I were joking that the vampires in Twilight would totally hate Casa Marcos for their generous servings of garlic! Imagine Edward Cullen walking along Burgos Circle and gasping upon seeing the Gambas “GAAAAAAHHHHHRLIC!!!! NOOOOO! Bellaaaaaaa!!!” *poof*. At least Team Jacob tayo sa Casa Marcos! Hehehe 🙂
We had the works!!!! (Can I just say, I’m so thankful for girlfriends who love to eat!) Starting with the cutest pandesals that you will “papak” endlessly. Their pandesals are freshly baked in a pugon daily. Then we had the superstar appetizers, classic GAMBAS and ALMEJAS CLAMS which you MUST order. These two are the sure wins! They pair so perfectly with the special Casa Marcos dipping sauce. Of course your culinary trip to Spain would not be complete without ordering Paella! Their best sellers are the Paella Negra (black with squid ink) and Paella Valenciana—this is good enough to share with an entire barkada so sulit talaga. They have Callos and Lengua too, two staples in every Spanish meal. And my personal cravings were met with the Pepito steaks—seasoned to perfection and drizzled with Olive Oil again. I always have this medium-well 🙂 They also serve fish and chicken on the menu if you’d like to opt for something lighter but still flavorful. To end your meal on a high note, PLEASE PLEASE order the Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. This was really memorable for me 🙂 

Casa Marcos at the Burgos Circle is open daily from 11 am-3 pm and 6 pm-10 pm. You may call 703 7784 or 552 3781 if you would like to book a table for your group. You can also enjoy freshly baked Pandesal at The Bread Bag which is on the first floor 🙂 Get their mini pandesal balls!!! They’re so addicting. 

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