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Christmas with Belo Baby

As I’ve been sharing on Instagram lately, these past few months have been extra challenging but still very exciting because of new milestones—-expecting Baby#2, getting our new house ready, Theo moving up to Nursery in a few months, and so much more. We have been busy moving houses so I have been living off boxes…Continue Reading

Review: Panorama NIPT in Hi Precision

Review: Panorama NIPT in Hi Precision

The very first thing I did as soon as the two lines made themselves known was to search for this video Patrick made for me when I was going through my first pregnancy with Theo. The “hormo-tional” preggo in me was balling when I replayed the video again. Happy memories of my pregnancy came flooding…Continue Reading

How I Carry On With My Day

How I Carry On With My Day

In many ways I call myself an in-betweener. It’s been quite tricky finding a box to tick, a stereotype to answer to, and a space to fill because with my unconventional line of work coupled with my “let’s take it day-by-day” parenting approach—it’s hard to put a label on what I do and how I…Continue Reading

My first visit to Affinity Dental

My first visit to Affinity Dental

As a refresher for my second pregnancy, I remember doing some research for my to-do-list for keeping things safe and healthy for our next baby. Something that made its way to the top 5 list of priorities was my dental health. It was something I didn’t want to put off or delay because I’ve read…Continue Reading

Belo Baby is now Smart Mom Approved!

Belo Baby is now Smart Mom Approved!

Last September 23, SMART PARENTING awarded Belo Baby with the SMART MOM APPROVED AWARD and the girls and I were truly honored to receive it on behalf of the hardworking team of BELO BABY. This is a highly coveted award as we are the ONLY brand to receive this seal of approval for 2017! “This award…Continue Reading

Review: DUAL COOL RAC from LG

I recall as newlyweds, our very first “big ticket” purchase was an air-conditioning unit. Coming from our respective family homes—with old, rickety aircons that have seen us through our acne-ladened teenage years to early adulthood—we wanted to start FRESH with a very “smart adult” investment. So together we decided “Let’s get an INVERTER aircon!”. And…Continue Reading



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