Celebracion by Suelas

Hi Friends and Family!♥  I AM SO SO SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! I designed my own shoe line!! (Insert Marching Band here!) And yes, since I love my readers so much–Im giving you guys first dibs! I hope you can support my shoe line collabo with Suelas, especially since I designed these shoes with LOTS OF LOVE!!!  These shoes are so sophisticated and puhhhrteee, they’re perfect for special occasions like weddings, debuts, proms, bridal showers, office parties, anniversary dates, pacute with this new guy movie nights, etc. They’re so elegant in fact, I think even Kate Middleton will like them! (YESSSS!!! Build up sa sarili! Hahaha!) When I designed these shoes, I had my own wedding in mind. Our wedding was outdoors so high heels  was definitely NOT an option–so I asked all my bridesmaids to wear Suelas flats instead. If you’re looking for something a bit glam and formal but comfortable, CELEBRACION is for you! They will be available at www.suelasonline.com by Monday!:)


As an added bonus, 100% of my profit share will go directly to CENEP, a combined teaching and feeding program for pre-school children in impoverished areas in Tondo&Mandaluyong. The children of CENEP are the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet–and with your help we can give them even sweeter smiles this Christmas!!! 

Location: Pink Me Up Nail and Dry Bar
Photography:Aaron Vicencio
Makeup: Chinky Tanjangco
Logo: Alessa Lanot

8 Responses to Celebracion by Suelas

  1. OMG, Patty, you’re such a genius!!! You have justified wearing flats to a wedding. I used to be a style-before-comfort kind of girl until I discovered the heavenly feeling of flats, fitflops and more flats, in fact, I’m thinking of going barefoot on my wedding (making sure it’s by the shore) kasi nga ayaw ko na mag-heels. My friends frown on me for getting rid of most of my heels and for wearing flats everywhere. Naku, looks like I have to buy one in every style, you’re absolutely right, they’re so puuuurrrrteeehhh!!! Nakakakilig! Congratulations on your new endeavor!

  2. This collaboration is pretty much genius and I’m so glad us girls now have glamorous and formal shoe options that don’t require sky-high heels.

    Thank you for posting Patty! I hope you like how the catalogue turned out! 🙂