Change the way you see the world with Eva Air

I really enjoyed watching this new video from Eva Air, it perfectly captures the beauty of travel. The video was beautifully shot PLUS it made me miss Paris even more! My sister Daniela lives there now, so there are days when I just want to hop on an Eva Air flight to get me to the Eiffel tower!!! Hayyyy. If you’re stuck in your office cubicle right now, why not take a little “trip” and click on the video link below.
And allow me to announce the BIG NEWS for travel aficionados,  Eva Air is now part of the Star Alliance family! Congratulations EVA AIR! This is such a huge milestone for the airline and I’m really excited about this partnership. According to the SA website, “Star Alliance was founded with the mission of providing seamless global air travel for the high value international traveller. EVA Air’s customers will now have access to a global network of 28 airlines, operating more than 21,900 daily flights to 1,328 airports in 195 countries.”  For more inquiries, visit 🙂
A lot of my readers always ask me about tips on how to score good travel deals, the best advice I could give you is to PLAN AHEAD. 4-6 months is usually a healthy duration to get things settled. Planning ahead allows you to 1)explore more options for airlines, hotels, tour packages 2)take advantage of early bird rates 3)gives you more time to set aside savings for your trip. Speaking of making advance plans, why not visit the upcoming TRAVEL MADNESS EXPO happening on July 12-14 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. Hundreds of travel agents, airlines, and hotels will be setting up their booths and offering exclusive deals! Be sure to drop by the EVA AIR booth, I hear they’re giving away lots of discounts!!! See you guys there 🙂

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