Chateau 1771 Valentine’s Lunch Date

Love, Love, Love is in the AIIIIIRRRR!!!! We got an invitation from the Chateau group to sample their upcoming Valentines Day menu yesterday–and wow, we were truly impressed by their dishes. I’ve passed by this restaurant many times before but never really had the chance to try out their yesterday was my first encounter with Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt 5. I really enjoyed their “No Borders Cuisine”. For Vday, they will be offering a special menu for all the lovebirds and good news, they’re even celebrating it during lunch time! This is perfect for those who want to avoid all the crazy rush hour traffic. You can squeeze in that romantic date during your lunch break 🙂 For more details, simply visit their website here
We saw this adorable old couple on a date!! I just had to take a photo of them 🙂 
Sana ganito din kami ni Pat pagtanda!
The naturally lit interiors of this restaurant is very inviting! 
It’s actually a very charming restaurant that reminds me of Paris!
Their Valentines menu was specially made just for February 14! I LOVED everything but special mention goes to the Oven Dried Tomato Streudel,  Seared US Beef Tenderloin and those heavenly mashed potatoes, and the dessert was really interesting too! The “White Cloud on Melon Sabayon” is actually a poached meringue swimming in a melon frothy broth. It was refreshing and sweet, I’ve never tasted anything like it!
Thank you again so much to Vannah and the rest of the Chateau 1771 group for treating us to a Pre-Valentine date. We really appreciate this especially since we will be celebrating the actual Vday in the hospital, hehehe 🙂 Thank you Lord for unexpected blessings like this! For those planning something special for your loved ones, book a table now by calling 729 9760 / 729 9761.
I’m treating ONE LUCKY COUPLE 
at Chateau 1771!
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2. Tweet us @pattylaurel @Chateau1771 a photo of you and your Valentine and tell us why you deserve to win this contest! (It could be your mom, dad, bf, gf, spouse, or best friend!) 

Hurry!!! Contest ends on February 13 at 12noon. Winner will be notified directly by Chateau1771 management via Twitter DM. 🙂 

5 Responses to Chateau 1771 Valentine’s Lunch Date

  1. Hi Patty, what camera are you using? 🙂 Love how the colors look so vibrant.

    Prayers on your upcoming surgery… 🙂

  2. Hi patty, i really like you blog posts. I am not writing here to win but i would just like to encourage you in yoir upcoming surgery. I never had any surgery before but i’ve been in the hospital many times. I’m really close to my mom and last year was the worst case scenario i never thought would happen to me. She has been in and out of the hospital because of her condition. We even spent christmas in the hospital. But inspite of those challenges she is still with us. Truly God is so good. I know He will be with you and your family alao. We are one in prayers for you. God bless!
    From: marielle santiago

  3. good luck in your surgery. I know GOD is always be with you. btw, I joined the contest the provided space is not enough to write why me and my husband deserve to win. so I guess will not hope for it. I just hope that you will recover fast so I can read more of your blogs. take care and hope to meet you in person soon.