Chef’s Dinner Party

As soon as we got the invitation from Colgate to attend the super exclusive Chef’s Dinner Party, we scrapped all our plans for Saturday just so we could dine with THE Chef Laudico.

 Here’s a little background about Chef’s Dinner Party:
Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico is among those who found passion in what he does everyday. “I love being a Chef. Thank God I’m doing what I love best and making a living out of it. Life is definitely great right now, won’t live it any different.”  
But being a chef hasn’t always been easy because of his tooth sensitivity. He admits, “Dati madalas akong nangingilo. Just imagine the amount of food and drinks I have to taste on a daily basis and having to suffer pain every time. It’s like living in hell basically. ”  
But now, this culinary master is back to enjoying life more. Thanks to Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® toothpaste. He proudly says, “I’ve been using it for a year or so and my teeth became less sensitive the longer I used it up to the point that I hardly get any pain at all. With Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief®, I am more confident now in tasting my food without the fear of sensitivity.”  
He adds, “Knowing that you satisfied a person through your creation and hard work is probably one of the most fulfilling things you can experience as a chef. Feeding people feeds my soul. Now that I’m pain-free, I can enjoy it to the fullest.” To celebrate freedom from tooth sensitivity, Chef prepared a special dinner party featuring some of his favorite hot and cold treats which can now be enjoyed without any worry!  

Text provided by Colgate Philippines

Wow, can you imagine struggling with your teeth after each meal?! That would be an absolute nightmare for foodies like me!! Ang sarap kaya kumain, naiisip ko palang naiiyak na ako!  So I guess Chef Lau was right, there really is a cause for celebration if you discover a new way to say ADIOS to your dental problems.

I’m so glad Colgate picked Chef Lau to be their newest endorser. Despite his success, Chef Lau has maintained a very down to earth (and kengkoy) appeal. He chatted with almost everyone, stopping at every table making sure that his guests felt comfortable and were well fed. He had a quick chat with Pat and I was so impressed by his personal mission to make Filipino cuisine more palatable for the global market. He shared that it was his advocacy to encourage Pinoys to support OUR own cuisine and for us to push for Filipino cuisine to be accepted worldwide. Tama si Chef! We should do our part and promote Pinoy food! 
Since Chef Lau was in a festive mood, celebrating his victory against tooth sensitivity, he served a 5 course special featuring different flavors and sensations. We had an interesting twist to the traditional Lumpia Ubod, served on a shot glass with frozen vinegar. Followed by an Adobo with Cream soup, Bistro Filipino’s famous 3 Mango Salad with a hint of bagoong, Wagyu Sinigang over a mash of gabi, and finally a Banana Q inspired dessert prepared by Chef Lau’s beautiful wife and pastry chef. I gained ten pounds in one sitting! Hahaha! It was such a wonderful celebration by ColgateFor more details about this special event, visit!

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