Chicken Soup for the Soul (and Tummy)

This is a sponsored post.

Thanks so much to Lucky Me for sending me a whole kaboodle of noodles! I love chicken noodle soup. Who doesn’t?!?! I had one pack for merienda and immediately I was transported back to my childhood days. Comfort food talaga ang Lucky Me para sa mga Pinoy! This was a staple in our home, especially after a long day of patintero! hehehe!

Good news for the health conscious peeps out there. According to the folks at Lucky Me, the Lucky Me LITE variants does not only carry the NAPA seal (No Artificial Preservatives Added) but it now has 30% LESS SODIUM. Their LITE version comes in two flavors, Beef na Beef and Chicken na Chicken (ang kulit ng names noh!!!I think I’d like to suggest a flavor called “Patty na Patty”!). Though it contains less salt, they’re still very tasty and flavorful. 

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, I suggest adding some chopped vegetables just to make it even healthier, colorful, and also to add more texture. It’s a good merienda choice for young kids and the perfect “senti sa ulan” snack for us adults 🙂 Thank you again so much Lucky Me for sending me all these goodies!

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