Christmas with Belo Baby

As I’ve been sharing on Instagram lately, these past few months have been extra challenging but still very exciting because of new milestones—-expecting Baby#2, getting our new house ready, Theo moving up to Nursery in a few months, and so much more. We have been busy moving houses so I have been living off boxes and temporary sleeping quarters. It feels like we are on a prolonged camping trip and Theo is actually enjoying the nomadic lifestyle. But this heavily pregnant Mama is also desperate to get settled—to be able to plop on the bed and lift my feet up again! Hahaha!

One of the stresses that most mothers encounter is HOLIDAY FATIGUE, it’s a real issue that may seem superficial and simple, but if you think about all the things mothers have to do in the BER months, you’ll come to understand why it can get really crazy for Moms! From planning what to cook for Noche Buena, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and all the events in between, buying multiple outfits for each family gathering, shopping and wrapping gifts for your child’s classmates, your husband’s officemates, your relatives and friends, decorating the house, etc etc etc. There’s a lot of ETC inserted there—right???? For this Christmas, I’ve decided I can’t be a supermom because I’m too pregnant to deal. HAHAHA! So there are a lot of things I’ve learned to let go of and I think my family and friends have been very forgiving, bawi nalang next year.

One of the things that I am doing this year is simplifying my gift giving. I want to give practical and useful gifts this year. For Theo’s classmates, I just got boxes of our favourite BELO BABY products from the supermarket and then made a gift bag with an assortment of my favourite products: The Talc Free Powder, The Hard Sanitizer, The Bar Soap, and the Cologne. Ever since we became brand ambassadors I’ve been giving these as gifts for baby showers or birthdays, and the recipients are always so grateful! So I figured these would make as perfect gifts for Theo’s toddler barkadas—so every one in class can smell so fresh and so clean too! That’s one Christmas task off my list, now I can relax—at least for an hour! HAHAHA! Happy Holidays to all the Mamas!!!

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