Coco Cakes Giveaway

Hello dear readers,
As most of you know diabetes runs on both sides of my family which is why I’ve been forced to lessen my sugar intake for preventive measures. I don’t want to give up sweets completely (I get depressed just thinking about it!What’s the point of living?!?!) so I’m just trying to cut down a bit.I don’t want to deprive myself from enjoying a few treats here and there. I’m saving my indulgences for date nights social gatherings and special occasions. I’ve been praying for more birthday parties and weddings these days para may excuse akong kumain ng matamis! Hehehe! It’s been a daily struggle for me (THE PAAAAIN) but after hearing all the horror stories about diabetes, I think it’s time for me to be more proactive about my health. I’ve had a thousand failed attempts (cheating and cheating)–but nothing is impossible with God so I’m claiming victory over this sugar addiction!
My friend, Michelle Teves of Coco Cakes, heard about my “sugar rehab” and was kind enough to offer a private baking session—for SUGAR FREE TREATS!!!! And as an added bonus, she said I can invite TWO BLOG READERS to join me for this fun baking day. Woopeee!!!! 
As much as I would love to invite you all, we can only choose two 🙂 So if you would like to learn how to bake some delicious, guilt free desserts then all you have to do is pick a partner and join this simple contest. It could be your best friend, your boyfriend, your daughter, or your mom. I can’t wait to meet the two winners!!!
1. Click the LIKE and TWEET buttons below.
2. Follow @iluvcococakes on Twitter.
3. Email a photo of you and your chosen partner and simply tell us why you deserve to win this contest! Send your email to along with your twitter handle, mobile number and full address. 
Only those who follow all 3 steps can qualify. Contest ends on September 25!
Image by Diabetes Desserts. 

4 Responses to Coco Cakes Giveaway

  1. Followed @iluvcococakes, also hit Like and Tweet (@verabear).

    Will be emailing in a bit too. thanks for the opportunity to win this 🙂

  2. Thanks for giving us the chance to see you! Followed everything Ms. Patty! More power! May you continuously inspire budding bloggers like me!