Coco Nail Studio Alabang

When I just started modeling in my teens, I had some “role model-models” (redundancy is my obviously my thing) and one of them was Gigi Gonzales. Gigi was in every magazine and every runway that mattered because her Asian beauty stood out in a sea of caucasians. From modeling she quickly transitioned into professional makeup and booked big gigs left and right. In fact, she worked on my FEZZZ for a magazine cover eons ago and also on Cecil’s FEZZZ for her wedding! Now Gigi Gonzales is Mrs. Uson, happily married and now a mother to a very pogi little boy. And just recently she gave birth to another baby named COCO! One of the prettiest nail salons you’ll ever encounter in the metro 🙂 If you can’t stand the chaos in your office or in your messy home—this is the place to escape to!!!

Best of all, it’s very kid friendly too! So if you’re a hands on mom who has her kids in tow 24-7, then this will soon become your favorite detox retreat. You can get pampered and still enjoy the company of your little ones too. Check out Mommy Cecil’s blog for more details! You can also book the entire place for birthday parties, showers, or reunions! IDEA, IDEA!

Gigi was kind enough to invite the Mrs Filarts to COCO for some major pampering. WEEEE!!! We had the works: mani-pedi, foot spas, gel polish, and paraffin wax treatments!!! Sa sobrang pampered my feet were so soft, pwede akong makipag-holding hands with Patrick with my feet and he wouldn’t notice! Bwahahaha! Since I drove all the way to Alabang from a photo shoot, I was a bit tired when I got to the building. But as soon as I stepped in and saw the airy interiors, ahhhh, nakalimutan ko na yung pagod! Gigi lovingly decorated each corner of the nail studio so it feels like a tastefully designed home more than your run of the mill nail spa. Plus the service is top notch and they really treat each customer like VIP! Again, thank you to Gigi and the ladies of Coco for taking care of our nails. Cecil and I will be seeing you guys soon! Check out our photos below.

2nd Level, Don Gesu Bldg, Alabang Hills
Visit their Facebook Page here for more details.

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