CommonThread in Manila

I rarely shop when I’m abroad (because I prefer to allot my budget for food/sightseeing), but when I do–I tend to shop at places like Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters, concept stores that feature brands that are not only quirky and unique but are functional and fashion forward as well. So I was thrilled to hear about CommonThread’s grand launch last week. In a nutshell, CommonThread is an umbrella of well curated pieces for discerning  but relaxed urban dwellers, jetsetters, and fashionistas. It’s for people who want to look good without having to try too hard.

CommonThread (CT) is an international multi-label high-street fashion store that offers hand-picked collections of basic apparel, footwear and accessories that help tell your style story.

The merchandise mix supports the fun & carefree Havaianas lifestyle suitable for international four seasons weather (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn). Its core offering is casual footwear from international heritage brands such as Havaianas from Brazil and Bensimon from France. The rest of the collections are also internationally-renowned brands of accessories such as sunglasses, watches, scarves, basic apparel, jewellery etc. CT plays a host to timeless iconic and heritage brands as well as well as up and coming labels from all over the world.

The CommonThread brand stands for authentic, effortless, personal style at an accessible price point. CT recognizes that each individual has his own style, his own story. But underneath it all, we are bound by a common desire to express ourselves through fashion, where every piece has a story, a purpose and a place in our personal style.” -CT Website
If you’re planning a beach getaway or a holiday abroad, you might want to check out CommonThread in Greenbelt 5 and stock up on your travel porma essentials now! You’ll go ga-ga over their colorful and eclectic merchandise for sure. Congratulations again to Terry S.A. on the successful launch of CommonThread in Manila! I can’t wait to see more CT stores around the metro!:)

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