Cooking Hang Out

I miss cooking!!! I haven’t been able to cook a decent meal for quite some time now—we’ve been busy traveling for the past few months both for work and leisure and whenever I’m in Manila, my work schedule has made it really difficult for me to sit down and really plan my meals. I feel horrible for not being a good homemaker and for settling for meals prepared outside 🙁 I really hope to get my cooking groove back on, I was doing so well as a newbie cook then I lost my momentum because I got busy. Well, NO more excuses! It’s time to get my act back together and I was hoping you guys can help me!!! How about we learn how to cook together?! OSTER Philippines has been kind enough to host a cooking hangout for me and Patrick and they said I can invite some readers to join me! As you’ve probably noticed I really enjoy interacting with my blog readers, so this is an opportunity for me to get to meet you guys so YEY for me! I made the mechanics pretty simple so I really hope you can join 🙂 🙂 See you on June 7!!!

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