Cool Celebrity Businesses

Home Mint

Just when you thought Justin Timberlake was the coolest living thing in this planet, he OUTCOOLS us all once again by releasing a HOME LINE! You gotta be kidding me, JT!!! Lahat nalang talaga–even a frickin HOME LINE?!?! Oh come on! Now that’s greedy. But what can I say, the guy has taste–and knows how to make money! If only I could sign up and have my wedding registry through this site!

Jewel Mint

What’s up with the MINT? Home Mint and Jewel Mint? MINTOS? MINT to BE? Walang MINTIS! Hahaha!:) Ok, I’ll stop. Here’s (girl crush) Kate Bosworth’s cool accessories line. The prices are pretty reasonable (for US standards of course!) and it has a very personal aspect to it. Similar to the Home Mint site, you’re asked to fill up a quick questionaire before signing up which makes it a very customized shopping experience online. 

Harajuku Mini

Oh Gwen. YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF COOL. One of those legit celebrity fashionistas, she is really a pioneer! Although I highly doubt I’ll be able to pull off her rasta meets skater meets Japanese punk fashion, I am a big fan of her LAMB line and also this kiddie clothing line for Target!

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